It is just not the same..

Without You

Now on Thursday night I was rather distracted what with the bomb scare at North Greenwich Tube Station and knowing that is the Tube Station my nearest and dearest uses daily; that I totally missed JT’s final sign off on Sky News. 

To be honest I didn’t even realise that JT had left Sky News until last night.  Normally Kay Burley is there till about 5pm and then we have JT for the early evening news… but yesterday came and at 5pm Kay Burley was still broadcasting… first of all I thought JT might be on holiday so I flicked through the TV menu… and he isn’t listed at all for this week.  So off to Google I went… then the bombshell was dropped.

JT had left sky… no… this can’t be… I love his voice.. his cheeky little ways, and his charisma.

So day one of no JT and I have to say the early evening news is just not the same, without him… #bringbackjt

We have lost all the great broadcasters from Sky News over the years…

  • Andrew Wilson
  • Jeremy Thompson
  • Samantha Simmonds
  • Tim Marshall
  • Lorna Dunkley
  • Eamon Holmes
  • Mark Longhurst (Fired by SkyNews – who I happened to believe was correct in what he said during his argument with Owen Jones)
  • Martin Stanford
  • Julie Etchingham
  • Charlotte Hawkins
  • Paula Middlehurst
  • Chris Roberts
  • Simon McCoy
  • Martin Popplewell
  • Glen Oglaza
  • Allan King

And if Stephen Dixon ever gets added to that list.. then I am off to Channel 503… it will be a goodnight from him and a goodnight from me. 😀 😀 😀


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