Trump, Brexit – Why?

1000509261001_1813392965001_bio-paul-ryan-random-facts-sfWhy did people vote to leave the EU?  Why did people vote for Donald Trump to be in power?  I think in both cases Paul Ryan hit the nail on the head when he said this yesterday.

It’s an enormous feat in that he heard those voices that were out there that other people weren’t hearing.

It is not that people like Trump or Farage for that matter it is simply because they are fed up with the way their country is going.  They are fed up with immigration…. they are fed up with to put it bluntly Political Correctness.

I have just read that the turnout figures for the US Elections were very low…  which meant that people abstained because they just couldn’t decide which was the lesser of two evils.

Trump is a misogynistic bigot.  He wants to divide people even further… but he spoke what some people have been feeling… whether that be right or wrong.  Clinton had a lot of baggage with her.. the emails.. the Clinton Foundation fiasco.  And people didn’t feel that they could trust her.

In Britain with Brexit we voted to leave or stay but in the US you didn’t vote for Clinton or Trump.. because if you did Clinton would have won by nearly 200,000 votes.  The US uses the Electoral College Voting System.

How does the Electoral College system work?

The US president is not directly chosen by voters, but by ‘electors’ that people in a state vote for.

The more people in a state, the more electors an area has. For example, Texas has a population of 25 million and is afforded 38 Electoral College votes, while Delaware has a population of 936,000 and has only three votes.

There are 538 electors in total, corresponding to 435 members of Congress, 100 Senators and three additional electors for the District of Columbia. They will meet in their respective states on 19 December to ultimately elect the President.

Almost every state chooses to allocate all its Electoral College votes to whoever comes in first place statewide, regardless of their margin of victory.

Whoever gets to 270 electoral votes first – the majority of the 578 total votes – wins the election.

Source: Independent

I think in both votes, here in the UK with Brexit and the US Presidential elections… each result was a protest vote.


Jobs were being lost.. immigration was souring and people felt grieved.  People felt in the UK that the influx of Eastern Europeans taking the jobs here were to blame…

No they are not to blame.. they were just wanting a better life.  Who is to blame is this Government and Companies.  Bosses who want cheap labour.  Bosses who instead of paying a decent wage for a worker.. want profits instead.. so they are prepared to hire cheap labour.  Blame the Government for not invoking a true minimum wage – a livable minimum wage and blame companies for wanting to do everything on the cheap.

If you lose your job and you can’t find another.. your lifestyle changes dramatically.. one minute you are living a comfortable life style with money in your pocket and the next moment you are struggling on the breadline without a pot to pee in to put it bluntly… and the longer your stay on the breadline the more discontent you become.  The more peed off you become. The more resentful you become.  That I am afraid is human nature… and instead of ignoring it… blaming people for human nature.. perhaps we need to accept that fact.

Life gets hard when youu know damn well you can’t afford to take a low paid job… because you would be worse off than being on benefits.  Then you see someone else from another country come in and take the jobs and that is when resentment sets in.

Yes we have the minimum wage… but your try buying a house on the minimum wage in the South East of England or London… you can’t.  Kids are now staying at home longer because they can’t afford to move out..  Then you see others getting homes… people who haven’t worked a day in their life or someone who is an immigrant and again you start to resent the fact that they are being helped and you are being left to drown in a country that you feel no longer cares for you.

You see people lining up for food banks and then you start to resent money being sent abroad in aid to other countries.. People start to want to see things being improved at home before send aid abroad.

Paul Ryan was right… nobody was listening to what people were saying and thinking… the rich were getting richer, the poor were getting poorer and the governments didn’t give a shit… that is what it boils down to.  People felt they were not being heard… so when someone came along promising them a brighter future they grasped at it with both hands… the fact that Trump is a misogynistic, racist bigot means nothing… he was speaking as some people felt and that was good enough for them..  he was telling them what they wanted to hear… Just like UKIP and the Leave Camp were telling the Brexiters what they wanted to hear.

I voted Brexit…. and no I haven’t regretted it… I knew both sides were scare-mongering.. and I knew that if we send xx amount to Europe weekly, we did receive subsidies.. so you have to take away the subsidies from the amount sent to achieve the figure of what is spare.  And it was that spare money that people felt could go to the NHS.

There is still a rift in Britain between the remainers and the leavers and some people can not and will never accept that the remain camp lost and we are going to leave the EU.. Just like some people can’t accept that Donal Trump is going to be their next President.

And if I had been an American no way would I have voted for Trump; and Clinton didn’t seem much better to me… with the baggage and scandals she came with… I think I would have not bothered to go out and vote.  Personally… I think it would have been a whole different result if Bernie Sanders had got the nomination… but he didn’t so people must move on.. they must accept what is done and they must unite for the best of their country.

The remainers have to accept Brexit and they must work together with the leavers to make Brexit work for all of us… And the same applies in the USA… those that voted Clinton have to work with Trump to make America work…

Because if we don’t unite and all work together for a better future for all of us… what future are we really leaving our kids…

A bleak one.

Let’s join to give our kids a brighter future… not a bleak future.



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  1. Osyth says:

    You (and Paul Ryan) hit the nail on the head. I was anti Brexit but did not vote because although I was entitled to, I felt that since my home is in France and always will be out of Britain I should not. And I do not regret that choice. My children all voted, my mother voted (though she was uncomfortable at her advanced years because she felt that really it was not her decision to make). I have been in the US the past year and it was obvious to me that the same issues in different clothing would be the deciding factors. I seem to be unusual in not being at all surprised by the election result. The fact is that Clinton not only has baggage but she did not address the people she needed to talk to. Many did not admit they were voting for Trump for fear of reprisals (look at what has been playing out since) but neither those that voted Brexit in England nor those that voted for the wild card here should be written off as ignorant fools. The fact is that the system is broken and the fact is that people are suffering. The two add up to a cry from the heart for change. I hope, from the bottom of my heart that the change is for the better for those that really need it. And next year, back in France I will be very interested to see what plays out there … I imagine it will be a right wing and possibly a far right winner and that is not simply, as the media and social media screaming hoards insist, a matter of immigration nor of bigotry. It is a simple matter of the disenfranchised, disenchanted masses wanting a world where they can work for a living that brings the basic comforts of life.


    1. Bren says:

      Totally agree with everything you’ve said… if only these politicians started to listen to electorate then perhaps the likes of Trump would never have had a chance of getting to the White House.


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