Together we stand, divided we fall


Today I was reading something from a friend’s blog and they wrote this:

How truly tragic it would be to see this once great nation come to potentially absolute destruction because of the current hate mongering, hate filled rhetoric, and divisiveness. It just staggers my imagination and makes me sick to my stomach.

Do you know what… that one paragraph can reflect to both Trump’s Presidency and Brexit.  In my friend’s case it was referring to Trump’s impending Presidency.

Of course I replied to their post highlighting the Britain is going through the exact same thing… I wrote:

From a Brit’s point of view we are going through the same sort of thing here… over Brexit… Why people voted Trump amazes me.. because he is a misogynistic, racist twat, I don’t know how people couldn’t see that?… but he won and for the sake of America people need to pull together as you say to make the Country a better place. Obviously there is some deep-rooted sentiment and people felt that what Trump was saying is exactly how they felt… and above all they couldn’t bring themselves to trust Clinton. Personally I think if Sanders had made the nomination you would be seeing a whole different result. I wholeheartedly agree with what you say… the vote is over… nothing is going to change the outcome and for the sake of the Country people need to pull together and not be so divisive. Just like the people of Britain need to realise that Brexit is happening and nothing is going to change that… so we should all pull together to make it work.

All this talk of doom and gloom makes both Trump’s Presidency and Brexit’s a failure and all this talk down is nothing other than creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

At the moment Natalie everything over here is focussed on Brexit making the pound fall and huge tariffs being imposed on us by Europe. But none of them have the common sense to think if Europe impose huge tariffs on us we will impose huge tariffs on them. It is all scare-mongering and like you I am fed up with it… because all it is doing is making both countries destined to failure.

  • Facts:
    If Europe imposes high tariffs on us then we impose high tariffs on them… I don’t think the French will like their Cheese and Wine that they export to Britain taxed to buggery… do you? I don’t think the Germans want their BMW sales slashed where we decide to buy cars from Countries that offer us a fair trade deal, do you?
  •  Proper control of our borders… the opportunity to deport non-desirables immediately without have the EU telling you ‘You can’t or you’ll be fined.’
  •  We all knew that we got rebates from the EU and people with intelligence know if you paid £350 million a week to the EU you would only benefit from the amount left over once you take out the rebates.  Only fools would think otherwise. And it is that money that can go to the NHS, Housing and according to the Full Fact Org Website we will benefit from nearly £250 million a week… well that is not to be sneezed at either?  Yes £350 million is more than £250 million, but an extra £125 million pound a week (if you want to split the savings in half) to the NHS is better than what they are getting now.


  • Benefits of a lower pound
    • Tourism benefits from a lower pound
    • Foreign investors who find British assets cheaper.
    • UK firms who earn their profits abroad.
    • A weaker pound with  make working in the UK less attractive.
    • Yes your holiday abroad is going to cost as little more… but why not take advantage of our countries natural beauty.  We have an excellent range of attractions here in the UK.. beautiful countryside… beaches…. yes the weather might be a bit shite… but come on.. rain doesn’t have to stop play.
    • UK exports will be more competitive

And to solve the NHS crisis… stop paying all these bloody chief executives… do we really need different health trusts?… surely the NHS can be centralised with one overall body working for the whole of the UK instead of a region.  And yes if people do abuse the A & E services for a sniffle then by all means fine them… say £25 a visit.. and charge the drunks and the drug-users as well.. I think once people start having to pay for self-inflicted and non-urgent visits they will soon think twice about going to A & E.  If we can fine parents for taking children out of school on an unauthorised absence then we can fine people who use A & E instead of popping to the pharmacy or phoning their GP for advise.

And how about this… stop paying for child-care… sorry but I am of the old school.. if you can afford to have kids.. then have them.. if you can’t, don’t. And don’t expect others to pay for your privileges.

If you want to help families how about allowing partners to have the other spouse’s tax code until the child reaches school age.  Then mothers can look after their children… like most mothers/fathers want to.  This government says there is nothing like quality time with your children… and this quality time in my opinion should be mainly at the early start of their little lives.  Getting to know mum and having mum around them without being in the care of a total stranger.

In my local area there stands a hospital … shut-down and no longer functioning… next to that hospital block was the nurses quarters for many, many years the nurses quarters have stood there without a sole living in them… and we say we have a housing crisis… FFS we have buildings standing there doing absolutely nothing but gathering dust when they could be used to home people.

Wage cuts, cutbacks, working longer for less money, lack of jobs, uncontrolled immigration… feeling as if your government is a) not listening and b) not caring about your plight, is the primary reason why people stood up and voted Brexit and for Trump.  I know in the USA people didn’t trust Hillary and I do think there would have been a better outcome if Sanders had been given the nomination but there is still of a lot of fed up people who used their vote as a protest vote.

And like my friend said… Trump is going to be President and “we the people” should stand united is what we should all do… we should all make the US Presidency and Brexit work for all our people’s sakes.


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