Westminster – Stop the hatred

Yesterday I wrote a post on Facebook (but I’ve removed it this morning) saying it is time to reflect on the events in London 2 days ago.

Today is a time for reflection on what happened yesterday in London. But serious questions now have to be answered. Should all our officers be armed? And should there be faith schools? And how must social media platforms be enforced to stop the spread of hate speech and radicalisation.

I am fed up of hearing the words ‘Freedom of Speech’. Freedom of speech does not give you the right to cause harm to others, it does not give you the right to promote and praise those that harm others.

Is it about time that the whole world had one body that controlled the internet instead of different countries enforcing their own rules and there not being a standard code of practice a) for users of the internet and b) for website owners?

If radicalisation is being preached in faith schools isn’t it about time that religion was taken out of the equation and all schools were given a remit to teach subjects like maths, English, history, geography etc? I am not saying ban religious studies but within schools, different classes could be made up to teach each child’s particular religion… and religion is kept out of other lessons. If faith schools are promoting hatred then let’s be bold and ban them. Close them down and make all children go to a mainstream school, where they are taught to mix with each other and respect each other as a human being.

Google, Facebook should remove all content that is terrorist related. Our Police should be given arms without the fear of being prosecuted if they shoot someone. I am of the firm mind that if you carry a weapon whether it be a knife or gun, then you are committing a crime so if you get shot by a Police Officer… then don’t start blaming the police, blame the person who was carrying the knife. The Police Officer was only protecting the public.

Immigration is a problem in the country and hopefully Brexit will help sort out that problem… But these terrorists have British passports, they were born and bred in Britain. So how the hell do you deport them? Where do you deport them to? So home-grown terrorism is a problem and it is one that needs to be stamped out.. and it takes people from all faiths including Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Christians, Jews etc to work as a team to stamp out home-grown terrorism. Blaming Muslims for what is happening is not going to solve the problem. Muslims are peace loving people… it is those that get radicalised that are the problem. People who take the faith of Islam and turn it into something that it isn’t.

Why do you think terrorists are doing this in the name of Islam? They are doing it to divide and conquer and for all other faiths to turn on Muslims and tar all Muslims with the same brush as terrorists. They are doing this in hope that we turn on Muslims and more Muslims turn to radicalisation to stamp out the hate that is being inflicted on them.

Terrorism is a vicious circle and people need to stop having knee jerk reactions and stop blaming a certain set of people.. ie Muslims, because the vast majority of Muslims are condemning what happened in London yesterday and what happened in France, Belgium, Germany and all other countries that have been affected by the barbaric terrorism inflicted on them by ISIS.

This isn’t the first time London has suffered at the hands of terrorists in our history.. we only have to go back to the 1970’s when London and other places were attacked by the IRA. Did we then call for all Irish people to be deported? No we didn’t. We blamed the IRA for what they were doing and not the Irish people. But today we are blaming Muslims for what ISIS is doing and that is wrong. If people want to divide and conquer carry on.. but dividing and conquering will never solve the problems that face not just us but the world in general.

Rant over.


But I want to add to this post by saying hatred is what will divide us even further. Especially the hatred spread with the photograph of a young Muslim woman walking over the bridge and the way that photograph was interpreted by a Twitter User. Hateful comments being spread virally condemning this woman for not stopping.


I can’t believe some of the comments written about that woman, without feeling sick.. Blaming her for what a cold-blooded killer did in London.  Nobody knows the circumstances of this woman, why she didn’t stop. But you can clearly see in her face how distraught she is.


We know that one woman who sadly died in this atrocious attack on our freedoms was a mother crossing the bridge to pick up her two children who were at school. This woman might have also been on her way to collect her children. What was she supposed to do? The person who she walked by was being treated by a professional.. And above all knowing the reactions of the blame that is being put on Muslims in general.. perhaps this young woman just wanted to get off of that bridge because she feared retaliation from people simply because she herself is a Muslim.

That photograph has gone viral on the internet simply because it suits a person’s agenda to blame all Muslims for what happened in London on Wednesday afternoon.

Yet nobody is criticising this man walking past an almost identical scene. Picture: REUTERS/Toby Melville

But there is no such criticism of a white man continuing his walk across the bridge.

And this passer-by not stopping.

Here’s yet another passer-by allowing professionals to get on with the job of treating an injured person on Westminster Bridge. Picture: Reuters/Toby Melville

And more passers-by just walking fast to get off of that bridge.

So what do we know about this murdering scumbag..

  • He was British Born NOT an immigrant
  • He was given the name of Adrian Elms at birth
  • He converted to Islam in Prison
  • He wasn’t born a Muslim or to a Muslim family.

Just like Jack Letts did, who converted to Islam and went off to fight for ISIS.  Muslims clerics are issuing fatwa’s against ISIS.  They are condemning these attacks and say it is not being done in the name of Islam.

People became heroes at Westminster on Wednesday… PC Keith Palmer who was an unarmed Police Officer who ran at the terrorist in order to protect the public and do his job who died due to his injuries… the Police Officer who shot the terrorist, the MP Tobias Ellwood who fought in vain to try to save the life of PC Keith Palmer and the member of public who jumped the fence and tried to save the life of PC Keith Palmer.  As well as the countless Police who put their lives on the line to protect the public.  Doctors, Nurses and paramedics who ran into an incident without fear just doing their jobs, attending the wounded and dying.

I have to despair at humanity at times… what with the hatred being spread to this woman and the desire to take a selfie at a terrorist incident.  What are we becoming?



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