365 Days – Stranger in a Strange Land

Stranger in a strange land – What’s your favourite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?

So what is my favourite part of visiting a strange land… well it has to be orientated around my hobby of photography.  I love to capture landscapes, flowers and architecture… and there is nothing more pleasing and enjoyable that looking back on photographs of the strange wonderful places you have visit.


Our memory fails us at times! We all have our times of when we can’t remember this or that and to look back on photographs brings that memory to life once again.

Once again we can remember, the place we visited, what we did and at times what pub we visited and what we had for lunch.

Capturing life’s journeys in images makes memories which are never forgotten… times when we laughed and cried and where we have been ecstatic with appreciation of nature that surrounds us.

Whether walking on hills, or strolling through market towns, there is beauty everywhere and life is about… stopping and admiring that beauty.  And most beautiful things to capture in photographs are when you are a stranger in a strange land.

The smell of a fresh cut flower, in a place we have never visited is new chapter in our journey.

Taken by Bren Ryan

Life brings many twists and turns to each of our paths… whether we are a stranger to that path or it is a path we have travelled many times.  Being a stranger in a strange land is exciting, exhilarating and a blessing.  Wherever that strange land may be and even though you are a stranger a simple smile, a scenic view and building steeped in architecture.. it is all there for you to enjoy along life’s most wonderful journey. And we must savour the good things that life gives us… even though they may be bitter-sweet at times.  Because each path we take is a new adventure in our life and we are all strangers to the paths that we have never trodden before.

Embrace the future… let go of the negative things and savour the new things that will bring you happiness and joy, whether or not you are a stranger in a new land or just a local enjoying the heritage that you live within.



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