The 13th Dr Who


Now before all you feminists jump up and down and start screaming at me… just remember I am all for girl-power.  I am all for equality for women.  I am all for women being treated with respect and dignity.  I deplore people who think women are second-grade citizens.


I am sorry to say this there are certain television roles that are male-driven and no matter how much and no matter how politically correct producers and script-writers want to be there are times that you just can’t, in my opinion, have a woman playing the role.

And this goes for the 13th Doctor Who.  To me Dr Who is male.. And as it has been pointed out to me Missy was in fact a Time Lord… but truthly Missy got on my bloody nerves towards the end.  No offence to the actress who played her.. but Missy should have been left in the bloody vault.

david-tennant-doctor-whoI feel for Jodie Whittaker, because she is going to have  a hard hill to climb to be accepted as a female Dr Who..  For me there was only ever one Dr Who and that was David Tennant.

Apart from him being good to look at .. and his broad Scottish Accent.. he was funny, witty and could play the serious Dr if needed.  Him and Rose Tyler… had the chemistry together.. The story between Rose, played by Billie Piper, and the Dr. was intense… just like Mulder and Scully; will they? Won’t they?  It was a sad time when David Tennant rejuvenated into the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith.   And it seems according to the Poll on imdb I am not the only one who had a thing for David Tennant as Dr Who 😀 😀 😀

imdb poll dr who

The Dr has to be quirky.. eccentric and male.  And even though Jodie Whittaker played an excellent part at Beth Latimer in Broadchurch, somehow I will always look upon her as being the mother of a murdered boy, Danny,  who had her life turned inside out by the callous murder of her beloved son – committed by their best friend’s husband.  The consequences of which caused the destruction of her family and the breakdown of her marriage.

She became type-cast as Beth Latimer from Broadchurch.. in my honest opinion.  Just like some actors do after they have played characters in soaps or in a long-running TV series.  Just the same at Mariska Hargitay will always be Detective Olivia Benson.  Or, when you think about Tom Hanks you think of him as Forrest Gump. Or Anita Dobson as Angie Watts from EastEnders.

Who knows, I may be wrong, she could turn out to be a great Doctor… but deep inside of me I am not looking forward to a series of Dr Who with a woman playing the part.  Some roles are male driven just like James Bond has to be male… Jane Bond to me won’t make the cut.  And neither does a female Doctor.

Now if that offends you politically correct feminists… I am sorry but that is how I feel and I do feel at times diversity and political correctness has now gone way out of hand.  Especially when it comes to casting bloody Dr Who as a female.  What will she have… sure it won’t be a sonic screwdriver… and how long before the Tardis is covered in Chintz and the furniture rearranged and everything colour co-ordinated.




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  1. It is definitely going to be strange. I must admit when I first heard all the ruckus on twitter that the next Doctor would be a woman I was a bit “say what?” but when I learned it was going to be Jodie I was very excited. I think she is a very talented actor and has the depth required to own the character.

    I am a total DW fan from Hartnell to today. I always enjoy the way The Doctor’s transformations just rip my guts out but after a bit of grieving I come to appreciate that whoever the body belongs to, it is always those same two hearts beating in the chest…

    I have to wonder if this is a necessary measure to in some way bestow additional generations upon the good Doctor… I mean we always knew they were going to have to do something very creative if we were ever going to make it past 13… I am really looking forward to what we all have in store.

    The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) has always been my favorite incarnation but it’s the story telling and production value that keeps me tuning in without fail. As long as Doctor 13 does not enter into a romantic relationship with Bob’bot’ I think I will be just fine. 😉

    Jodie Whittaker? I say hellsyah! This is going to be legen… waitforit …dary!

    Great Post Bren 😀

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    1. Bren says:

      That is what I am frightened of a bit.. that they will make the whole show more feminine with love interests. I wish her well on her role.. and I do hope she proves me wrong… because Dr Who is a great show – don’t tell him I am getting into it… 😀 😀

      But deep down I suppose I still want to swoon at a male Dr and wish I was his side-kick floating around the galaxy 😀 😀

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      1. I can see how from a woman’s perspective this would be a bit of a fantasy killer but given that The Doctor has never really worn his sexuality on his sleeve and although they have all had their endearing characteristics they have not all been what you could refer to as heart-throbs… While it is true, it _would_ be splendid to accompany The Doctor in the T.A.R.D.I.S. and have those grand adventures… isn’t that actually what we are all doing ever episode anyway?

        This is an awesome franchise that transcends any of the actors and has always managed to stay true to Sydney Newman’s original concept – If I can envision Ian and Barbara along with (screamy) Susan interacting with the mysterious, quirky Grandfather within the current incarnation then all is just fine… I am very interested to see if Jodie has the talent to reveal her inner quirky grandpa… I think she does.

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        1. Bren says:

          I hope that you are right.. and she does bring some new energy to the show. I suppose we will all have to wait and see..

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