A day to bury bad news

Friday was the ending of Parliament for the summer recess… yes your MP’s are having a break.  And Friday was the day to bury bad news.

  • Yes £1.14 million was spent by the Brexit Department fighting the Article 50 case
  • Soldiers numbers – DOWN
  • Police number – DOWN
  • Crime figures – UP
  • Life Expectancy in – UK DOWN
  • Retirement date  – UP.
  • Rail electrification – SCRAPPED
  • Former Ministers Working in Private Sector – UP
  • Brexit not meaning Brexit now – Free movement of people could last for years in transition period.

Just picking up on a few of these points, in this post makes for grim reading.

Police Numbers Down

According to the Home Office Police Workforce we have 123,142 Policemen, excluding British Transport Police on the payroll.

police workforce

As you can see from those figures at any given time out of the 123,142 only 118,079 are Staff available for duty.

headline work figures - police

This rate of policing is at a thirty year all time low….


Police numbers down and violent crime up… brilliant.  And who is going to pay for this, not your Prime Minister or cabinet MP’s they will still have police protection when they travel.  It will be us.. the average Joe Soap who will be a victim of crime and won’t have the privilege of Police presence when we are a victim of crime.

Violent crime is on the increase according to Office of National Statistics in their Crime in England and Wales year ending Mar 2017 Report.

Recorded CrimeAgain grim reading… less police more crime.  Austerity at its best.


Yes you’ve guessed it we all have to work longer before we can retire… yes another year.  Well I hear you say, we all knew that … but what we didn’t know was that the Government have now decided to bring this in 7 years before it was due to be implemented.

And their reasoning is this:

When the State Pension was introduced in 1948, a 65-year-old could expect to spend 13.5 years in receipt of it – around 23% of their adult life. This has been increasing ever since. In 2017, a 65-year-old can now expect to live for another 22.8 years, or 33.6% of their adult life.

increasein pension age

But hold on a minute… wasn’t it mentioned on the news the other day that our life expectancy has now decreased to 22.2 years, according to the Institute of Faculty of Actuaries.

As reported by the Independent

Updated projections from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries suggest life expectancy will fall by four months for a 65-year-old man and by six months for a woman of the same age.

Figures show that men aged 65 are anticipated to live a further 22.2 years, down from 22.8 years in 2013 and women a further 24.1 years, down from 25.1 years four years ago.

So we are working longer and dying younger… great.


Theresa May our Prime Minister:

Brexit means Brexit.

Now it transpires that Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit at all.. and there is now going to be a transition period of free movement after Brexit ranging from 2-4 years.  Well what does that achieve?  We are going eventually.  So why not go when we said we are going?

Michael Gove has confirmed that the Cabinet supports a transition period after Britain leaves the EU, in which free movement may continue for several years.

The Environment Secretary said ministers were agreed that a “pragmatic approach” was needed on controlling migration “in the best interests of the economy”.

It appears to signal a significant shift compared with earlier in the year when Brexit-leaning cabinet ministers were opposed to a long transition phase after Britain leaves the EU in March 2019.

Cabinet sources claimed today that an implementation period of between two and four years had now been agreed by Cabinet ministers.

So there is ‘No deal is better than a bad deal’ option now.  So far all I can see in these Brexit negotiations is U-Turns and Europe demanding money, laws and free movement of people.   FFS if Brexiters had wanted that they would have voted to Remain.

Businesses have known from the 24th June 2016 that we were leaving Europe.  They knew that they had to implement practices that meant Britain was not going to be part of Europe anymore.  No, like everything else businesses held off until Article 50 was implemented in hope that people would want to remain or the Brexit decision would be reversed by the Government.  By acting now and not earlier has given business less time to get ready for life after Brexit.

People voted in June 2016, we are leaving in March 2019 that was nearly 3 years for businesses to get ready for the move to being an independent country.  They had ample time.

And I will say it time and time again… businesses need migrant workers in order to keep the wage bill down.  It is not because there is a shortage of workers.  It is because the average man can not afford to live on the minimum wage in this country.

You try buying a house here in the South East and London on the minimum… you CAN’T. Going back in my day… students worked on farms during fruit picking times.  Women went on the fields to earn a wage… kids played in the fields together. There was never a shortage of field workers before we joined the EU.  So why is there now?  Could it be that some young people think field work is beneath them?

Think Boris hit the nail on the head..


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