Decision Time for Charlie Gard


This afternoon in the High Court the Judge will have to make a decision on where a little baby dies… whether it be at home like his parents want or in a hospice or hospital as requested by GOSH.

The Guardian states this

Victoria Butler-Cole, the lawyer instructed by Charlie’s guardian, said the options with respect to him dying at home were withdrawing ventilation within “a matter of hours” or after “a period of days”.

But she said the latter option was unrealistic because it would require “replicating intensive care outside an intensive care unit”, including a team of three doctors.

Gosh said it was unable to provide such a team or source one from anywhere in the country. The court heard it was difficult to get medical professionals to provide such care at home because of the risk of complications and the fact that they would not be covered by insurance.

2246259_1280x720Facebook and Twitter are alive with opinions on this.. people saying that GOSH should support the parents and allow him to do at home and others saying it would be best if he died in an hospice/hospital environment.

Today the Judge has to decide.  Court will resumed this afternoon when a decision will be made.  I hope by that time some agreement can be reached… because at the heart of this tragic case is a dying little baby boy.

We each have our own opinions on this case and I hope the Judge makes his reasoning on the best interests of this baby and not GOSH or the Parents.

However what I am of the opinion is this.. I am sick to the back teeth of GOSH being made out to be the villains in this case.  On a realistic note our NHS services are strapped for cash and it will be down to the NHS to provide care at home for this baby.  Whereas if he was in hospital or a hospice that team of Doctors can still treat other sick children in intensive care.

In hospital Doctors and Nurses are covered by insurance… which GOSH have openly admitted would not be the case in this case.  The hospital insurance would not cover the treatment that Charlie requires at home… which ultimately puts the team of doctors – if they could find such a team – at risk of being sued should something go wrong with the equipment or they withdraw life support before the parents consent.

And by finding a team of three doctors to cover Charlie’s care at home means that hospital services are being depleted…

Plus there is the sad fact that if GOSH does sanction Charlie Gard to be sent home to die.. with all the medical equipment and with a team of doctors and nurses, then they are setting a precedent where every family can demand that their child’s final days are spent at home at the expense of the NHS.  Which is not practical.  The NHS is underfunded, the NHS is strapped for case.. and if a precedent is made then how the hell can the NHS sustain teams of Doctors and equipment to be provided at the homes of sick children.

Yes it is a cruel fact of life… and a fact that a budget strapped NHS can’t afford to offer such services, especially if they are impractical.  Already we know there are 86000 unfilled vacancies, including midwives, nurses, doctors and clerical staff.  Hospitals don’t have the funds nor the staff to support full home care for dying and sick patients.

And the public want the NHS but there are some that don’t want to have their taxes increased in order to pay for it.  The NHS doesn’t have a magic money tree grown by Theresa May herself.  And the one tree she did grow was spent on shoring up her Government in order for her to remain at Number 10.

Whatever happens today… this little boy is going to die .. don’t make his last few days on this planet traumatic.  The judgement today should be on what is best for Charlie and not what the parents want.  As hard as it sounds if I had to rule on this case.. I would rule in favour of GOSH and allow Charlie to be moved to a hospice.


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