Someone – please impeach him

History of PresidentsLately I have seen a few tweets and posts on both Facebook and Twitter, highlighting what people think of the President Donald Trump with Emojis representing the last few Presidents of the United States… where either SCROTUS (as aptly named by a comedian and writer Elayne Boosler).. is given a clown emoji or an ogre one as per this tweet, by Ben Rosen.

And believe it or not you can buy T-Shirts with this emblem on them.  Now how great is that?  

Of course these things do make me chuckle, as I expect they do you.. but deep down within me is a panic… a panic as to what this twat can do to the world on a whole.  How bad things can really get .. before someone has the balls to stand up and impeach this man.

What with Russian Scandals to White House Firings now getting to be a weekly event.. where the hell are we going to end up… after 4 years of this misogynistic, racist, bigoted man heading the United States?

With Trump asking about Pardoning procedures, as stated by the Washington Post…

Some of President Trump’s lawyers are exploring ways to limit or undercut special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation, building a case against what they allege are his conflicts of interest and discussing the president’s authority to grant pardons, according to people familiar with the effort.

Trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members and even himself in connection with the probe, according to one of those people.

A second person said Trump’s lawyers have been discussing the president’s pardoning powers among themselves.


It makes grim reading… this man thinks he is above the law and will do whatever it takes to save his family and himself first.. and then the people of America.

During conversations with the better half the other night… I think my hubby hit the nail on the head when he said…’He is a businessman and not a Politician.  When he wants to build something.. he buys the land, gets the permissions required and then gets it built.  He doesn’t have to Project Manage the development.. he doesn’t have to arrange for trades and schedules.  He just says what he wants and others do.  But now he is President he has to be more involved in things.. and doesn’t know how to handle the spinning plates of Politics.’

plate spinner.jpg

For us Brits.. we can turn off the TV, we don’t have to listen to his weekly address and can ignore him, to a certain extent.  But for Americans it must be so frightening to know this clown is leading them into a path and possibly a place of no-return.

How can anyone say, don’t pay the insurers and Obamacare will implode.. without having a backup health care in place

Does he really care about people’s health?  Does he care if Americans get the treatment they deserve?  And for all those people who rely on Obamacare for their health needs, I can’t image how they must be feeling now.. especially if insurance companies fail to approve their care for fear of no bailout payments are made.  Whether Obamacare is right or wrong I don’t know.   But what is wrong is holding the health of people as a ransom to get your own way.

Even with this wall thing he wants to build…. telling reporters on Air Force One he wants a transparent wall to stop people getting hit on the head by the bag of drugs coming over, in my opinion, defeats one of the objects of the wall – to cut down drug running.

The US president admitted the idea may be a little ‘crazy’ but said he was concerned someone would be injured by a falling drugs package.

He added: ‘And I’ll give you an example. As horrible as it sounds, when they throw large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on the other side of the wall, you don’t see them.

‘They hit you on the head with 60 pounds of stuff? It’s over.

‘As crazy as that sounds, you need transparency through that wall. But we have some incredible designs.’


Seriously… if you are standing that close to the wall… you are only there for one purpose to collect the drugs that are being thrown over… so if you get taken out by a bag of drugs… that is one drug smuggler less.  Unless he is planning on having the wall and soldiers marching along its perimeter.  And if that is the case.. what is the point of the wall anyway?

And the saddest part of all of this is TRUMP is in a win-win situation.  For every bill that he promised that doesn’t get passed by the Senate he will claim ‘I wanted to do these things but I stopped at every turn.’  And his supporters will vote for him again.  And for those that were on the fence who are not getting proper healthcare there is a chance that some of them might fall off of that fence and land on the side of Trump, which could mean he is not in power for just 4 years but 8 years.

Yes he scares me… peace with Iran was even closer with Obama at the helm… but now it is further away than it ever was.

After a contentious meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson this week, President Donald Trump instructed a group of trusted White House staffers to make the potential case for withholding certification of Iran at the next 90-day review of the nuclear deal. The goal was to give Trump what he felt the State Department had failed to do: the option to declare that Tehran was not in compliance with the agreement.

“The president assigned White House staffers with the task of preparing for the possibility of decertification for the 90-day review period that ends in October — a task he had previously given to Secretary Tillerson and the State Department,” a source close to the White House told Foreign Policy.


And with his threats to North Korea and now this task force to undermine the Iran agreement the world just got a little more dangerous.

Because he thinks he is heading up another re-run of The Apprentice and that is evident with his daily firings (This time with Scaramucci being fired after 10 days at the White House)… and classifies Scaramucci’s firing as a great day at the White House.

Please someone …. impeach him before it is too late!


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  1. Jean Reiland says:

    Trump is bad news for sure. I am fairly confident the Russia scandal will catch up with him. But the amount of damage he causes until then is scary. I am most concerned with his base. The blind following of T-Rump is the crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bren says:

      I can’t stand him and it takes all my might and God knows how much self control to stop me throwing the tv remote at the screen.


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