Diana: In her own words

At the end of this month it will be 20 years since Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed meet their demise in a tunnel in Paris, when their car, which was chased by paparazzi, crashed into a concrete pillar.

In 1997 the people of Britain and across the world grieved for a Princess that had grown over the last few years.  She became independent, regal and above a champion of good causes.  Holding hands with an Aids victim without wearing gloves changed the world the world that day.  People became less frightened of people with Aids.  Princess Diana showed us all the way in many things.. from aids sufferers to victims of landmines.

Princess Diana will never be replaced.. and even though Prince William’s wife Kate has a rapport with the public and people she meets.   And, like Diana, she too is loved by those she is close to and people of this world.  She will never be another Diana, but Diana I know would have been so proud of her grandchildren and her daughter-in-law and the love that is shared between and shown by the young couple.  There was only one Princess Diana – the people’s Queen.  We have a future with Kate and we are blessed with her natural way of being not just the wife of Prince William but the grace and elegance that she will bring to the future King when he takes the helm.

Last night I watched in apprehension the documentary which aired on Channel 4 – Diana: In my own worlds, last night.

Part of me thought it was wrong to air private tapes whilst the rest of me was glued to the TV.. listening to what this marvellous women had to say and how she was betrayed, not just by Prince Charles but by the monarchy itself.

Yes there were gasps of shock and horror at what was being revealed.  The Prince’s lack of care for his wife.

Even before the wedding Diana was traumatised on the day of her engagement to the Prince.  She was traumatised because he said ‘Whatever Love Is,’ when asked the question ‘Are you in Love?’

I was dumbfounded at his refusal to be loyal to the woman he married and how easy he found it to break his wedding vows.  And above all the sadness it bought to a young girl heading off to her fairy-tale wedding in a golden carriage.  A golden carriage that was taking her to some of the most dark times of her life, instead of a life of wedded-bliss.

There can’t be anything worse than knowing the man you love you doesn’t really love you and is in love with someone else.

She loved Prince Charles with all her heart.  Yet he betrayed her at every twist and turn and threw her love for him back in her face, as dirty water.

She openly admitted she wasn’t going to go quietly when she and Charles separated.. she wasn’t going to be pushed into the background and become obscure.  She became a problem for the royal family… and I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories that circulate that she was killed by the hierarchy.  But I do believe they would try to do the hatchet job on her and to try to make Charles look the victim.

Deep down, I am glad I watched this documentary, because even though I have come to accept Camilla as the wife of Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall, I don’t know if want either of them on the royal throne..

Today, I don’t know what to think about Prince Charles, part of me wants to slap that smug look off of his face..  Part of me is hoping that he has the bloody decency to never become King and relinquish his right to the throne so that Prince William can take the helm of our monarchy.

The revelations made in that documentary last night.. really highlighted the struggles Diana had to fit in to the royal family.  How when she went to the Queen for advice she was passed off and offered no help.

My impression was that Diana was used as good breeding stock to propagate the future King of England with children.  The Prince at the time couldn’t marry the love of his life.. and Diana was expected to put up with him, his mistress, and the royal family condoning his adulterous practices.

“Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded”

Words no wife or husband should have to say about their marriage.

And I truly believe Diana, from beyond the grave has forgiven all those that wronged her.


Because I truly believe in those last few months of her life she found happiness and love.. A love she had been denied for many years.  RIP Princes Diana … your boys are a credit to the you… you raised two men, who I believe will carry on your legacy… and what was close to your heart… your love and compassion for ordinary people.  People who are ill, and people who are less fortunate will find comfort in Prince William and Prince Harry.


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