The world just got a whole lot scarier.


I’m not even American but I am dreading what the future holds for our world today, with two nutters playing the ‘my guns are better than your guns’ strategy to solve a crisis.

James Matthews sums it up nicely, when he describes these two leaders in his Sky New Article.

On the one hand, a tough-guy dictator whose mental state is hard to assess, let alone his ability to make measured decisions for the good of his people.

On the other, an inexperienced, untested and single-minded President prone to erratic and impulsive behaviour.

And what does that mean for the likes of you and I? … A bloody uncertain future as to whether or not we could be heading for World War III with these two narcissistic people at the helm.

When a misogynistic, inexperienced, hot-headed, President who flies by the seat of his pants says things like, ‘What comes after “fire and fury like the world has never seen”?’, it really doesn’t give you a lot of hope of a peaceful situation and for a democratic solution to the crisis between the world and North Korea .

Presidents and world leaders for years have had to deal with North Korea and the only people who can help resolve this conflict are the Chinese and Russians, and believe me I hope they step in and keep the democratic process alive before all hell breaks loose. And the leaders from rest of world tell Trump to back off, sit down and STFU..  and closes his twitter account.

China doesn’t want a democratic Korea with a US influence.. and it is obvious whose side they will be on if push comes to shove.  They won’t want a US influence in the region.

ap_17188522224335_wide-f95bb48bcd335196624f0e4c01f230c71441fa90-s800-c85Russia has pissed off a lot of people over their actions in the Ukraine and even Trump has trod on Putin’s toes now, by being forced to sign the Sanctions Bill which was passed by Congress.  Something he never wanted to do but had his arm twisted behind his back to do.

Trump wanted to cosy up to Putin, but it seems congress was having none of that.. and were determined to bring in sanctions, because of Ukraine and the Russian interference during the Presidential Elections of 2016.

Russia and China were behind the UN with punitive action against North Korea, but since, the sanctions Bill,  Trump and his size 12’s went wading in.. their backing is now getting even further unlikely.

The world today just became a more scary place.


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