BBC – Trust Me – No Thanks

Now I love watching  a good drama on TV.. Broadchurch had me sitting on the each of my seat at times.  And as for the previous BBC Drama ‘In the Dark’ well I was gripped.

in the dark‘In the Dark’ was riveting.  As well as catching the bad guys in two different stories portrayed over 4 weeks, a pregnant DI Helen Weeks had to deal with the devastating result of her infidelity, as well as her childhood where she was abused by a friend of her fathers.  Being heavily pregnant and seemingly getting things back on track, tragedy strikes and her beloved partner is killed whilst sitting at a bus-stop. And if that wasn’t bad enough it emerged the killer behind her partner’s death was the man she had an affair with.

Drama announcementSo I was rather looking forward to watching the new drama ‘Trust Me’, which is based on a Sister of a ward in a Sheffield Hospital becoming the whistle-blower about all the neglect that is happening on the ward in a Sheffield Hospital.  A Sister who decides after meeting a reporter to expose what is going on.. it is best if confronts the trust themselves with her findings.

In desperation to cover up the neglect that is happening the trust don’t listen to Sister Cath Hardcore, and turn the tables by suspending her due to the complaints of her bullying on the ward, pending investigation.

With the complaints of her bullying being upheld, Cath is dismissed from her post as a Sister at the hospital.  With no job and the father of her child, being nothing but a deadbeat scrounger, she then decides to take on the role her best friend, a Doctor, who is getting married and going to New Zealand.  Using her friends, CV and papers written by her best mate Dr. Alison Sutton, Cath Hardcore leaves her life behind in Sheffield and heads for Scotland, not as Sister Cath Hardcore but as Dr. Alison Sutton, prepping her young child that she is now Dr Alison Sutton and she can still call her mummy but if asked she must say her mum’s name is Alison Sutton.

Whilst practicing suturing at home, examining her daughter with a stethoscope and watching countless videos on how to do things a Doctor does, she gains a position as a Doctor in a busy Accident and Emergency Department in Scotland.

With her new life ahead of her.. things don’t quite go as planned… she shows her lack of skill and knowledge when setting a man’s broken ankle without giving him pain relief.. and this had trouble inserting a tube into a patient whose lungs are filling up with blood.

She settles into the hospital, and it is not long before her secret affair with one of the other doctors takes place… and her web of tangled lies and deceit starts to unfold with the reporter now hot on her tail to expose the scandal at the Sheffield hospital.

Sorry BBC but this drama didn’t have me glued to my seat.. and waiting for the next episode.  I could see the pitfalls and flaws straight away.  Firstly how the hell did she get a bank account in her friend’s name, so that her wages could be paid in them?

Unless her new hospital gave her a relocation package, how the hell did she afford the rent and deposit on this luxury flat she was now living in?

What about her National Insurance number?

And then there is the references,  surely alarm bells would ring when the Sheffield hospital was asked for a reference, knowing full well that the real Dr. had left for New Zealand?

Why wasn’t she reported by the nurse for not giving the patient pain-relief when resetting his ankle?  Now I know if I was having my ankle reset without pain-relief I would be suing the arse off of the hospital for unnecessary suffering?

Now according to the GMC-UK:

We will:

  • Take your photograph and keep it on your account.
  • Ask for your signature and keep it on your account.
  • Hold details from your passport or national identity card.
  • Disclose your photograph on request to employers and others (only for identity purposes).

We do this so that no one will be able to steal your professional identity.

Next week’s episode apparently, is going to see the lies of deceit being untangled when the trust wants her passport so that they can pay her wages.  Without her producing her passport they could suspend her wages, until the passport is produced.

But the trust need not do this… they could apply for a copy of her photograph to prove identity?

The first episode was rather lacklustre, I wasn’t gripped, and I am definitely not counting down the days till the next episode.  And to be perfectly honest… the character was much the same as Beth Latimer only this time in a blonde wig.  Both characters were fraught, anxious, and caring whilst being vulnerable. I will tune in next week, to see if things improve.. but if not, it will one drama I won’t be missing and rushing home to watch.

I have seen other written reviews where people say it is one of the best dramas going, maybe it is for them, but for me, even though it is a psychological drama, it just doesn’t cut the edge for me.

Sorry BBC I don’t like this drama at all so far.




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  1. Phil Hobson says:

    Sorry, but i find the series thoroughly entertaining. Bear in mind its only fiction, there are bound to be discrepancies in the script writing as with every fictional TV show. I dont complain when watching coronation street at the freshly poured cup of coffee with no steam coming out of it, i just get on and watch the show.

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    1. Bren says:

      As is your right to like a series and I am glad you do enjoy it …. for me I don’t. But no comparison can be made a cup of coffee having no steam in a soap when speaking about someone being able to get a job in the NHS as a Doctor by being an imposter. The scriptwriters have totally forgotten about the checks before offer of employment. That is what lets the series down imo.


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