Rhetoric of War Magnifies

Whilst the rhetoric of war increases on a daily basis, life on this planet is getting more uncertain.  We have to put it bluntly, two friggin nutters steering two countries in the direction of a nuclear holocaust.

trump chickenBoth men, Kim Jong-un on one side, with his barbaric hand at ruling his country and a narcissistic nutjob who should never have been made President upping the threats  of ‘fire and fury’ like the world has never seen before, are dragging us all into something none of us want.  Another World War.

What hope do we have?  Really!

With these two nutjobs.. absolutely none.

And believe me it scares the living daylights out of me at times, thinking that we here in Britain could follow this replicated blow up chicken, who looks more like a cheese puff everyday, into a war that the world does not need or want.  Especially with Brexit looming.  I can see the likes of Trump forcing the UK’s hand to follow him by taking a trade deal off of the table, if we don’t do as he wishes and follow him to war with North Korea.

Fleetstreetfox wrote in a Daily Mail article the following:fleetstreetfox -NK.PNG

And I thought at first this was a brilliant idea… until my other half pointed out the pitfalls.  You see, he said,  ‘That is like offering jelly and ice cream to a naughty kid without them being told they’ve done wrong.  The child never learns. The child never learns there are boundaries and lines in the sand, which they must not cross, because crossing them means bad behaviour.’


‘So the next madman that comes along, knows he can do exactly what he likes because he knows that he will never be chastised and all will be well in the world and he will get his own way and be invited to the table for jelly and ice-cream.  People like Kim Jong-un will never treat their people with respect.  If he can be behind an assassination plot to kill someone on foreign soil, what hope does his people really stand, if they start demanding an iPhone or iPad?’

And he is right.  So how the hell do you stop two volatile people taking us to the point of no return?  God knows… but I do hope someone, somewhere has the sense to either impeach Trump or changes the codes of the nuclear weapons without telling him.

And while the normal people of this world, who won’t be allowed in the bunker, worry about our futures, we know the President of the USA is looking after himself… in case of a nuclear fallout.  Yes during his ‘working vacation’ as reported by the Independent the Secret Service has spent nearly $14,000 on golf cart rentals.  And as one Twitter user pointed out that Donald Trump is making money directly off US Tax’s.

And how can his daughter Ivanka, being a mother, want a world full of nuclear fallout and radiation poisoning, for her child? Oh I forgot she and her family will be down the bunker with the warmonger President of the United States.

Yes when the fall-out is over and the bunker is re-opened, planet earth will no longer exist and plant Trump will be born.


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  1. MikeB says:

    I think one should ignore his tweets and everything he says. It’s all show with this clown.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bren says:

      True… but he is playing the dangerous clown act.. it will only take one of his warmongering tweets for things to escalate to war.


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