Now I am not one for period dramas… Downtown Abbey, Pride and Prejudice never enthralled me… If it came to take them or leave them.. I was definitely in the leave them camp.

I like modern TV, crime dramas, and absolutely love Law and Order both in the USA and UK especially Law and Order SVU.  So when it came to last Sunday evening and nothing was on the other half mentioned Victoria.  So I reluctantly agreed to watch it.  I was expecting dismal, viewing, the typical period drama.  But boy was I proven wrong!

I started to watch Series 2 not even knowing that there had been a Series 1 and immediately though Jenna Coleman who is playing Victoria is brilliant in the role.  She is witty, obstinate, charming and a very strong character.  Of course that was it…. I am hooked on a program that I never thought would enthrall me.

So on Monday it was off to on-demand TV and searching for Series 1 of Victoria.. I was a little reluctant to watch it at first, because I had this notion in my head that maybe I would again think period dramas are not my thing… but again I was proven wrong.  Victoria is brilliant.


Every night we have watched one or maybe two of the episodes to get us up to full speed and I have to say the chemistry between Victoria and Lord M has us on our seats wondering will they or won’t they.

We all know that the proposal was fiction as Lord M was an ageing, rather over-weight man who Victoria looked on as a father figure and not a future companion.  But the chemistry is there.  And as a viewer I am lapping it up.

Victoria goes on to marry Prince Albert, her second cousin, after a stormy start to their relationship, with Victoria not wanting to marry at an early age.  Victoria had no intention originally to marry her second cousin, but love blossomed, but lurking in the background I think is her affection for Lord M.

I look forward to episode 2 of series 2 and I am even now wanting to see the Judi Dench film of Victoria and Abdul.

I will wait however, for it to come on the TV and I do hope the acting is as brilliant as Victoria.  And with Judi Dench playing Victoria, I am confident that another great performance will be seen.

But the burning question is what is going to happen when Lord M returns.  And we all know he is returning because he was in the teaser clip.  And it is evident that there is a jealousy held by Prince Albert, who by the looks of it, strenuously objects to the return of Lord M.  Oh sparks will fly… I presume.


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