China our only hope

Boris Johnson said  “It’s certainly our view that none of the military options are good…the distance between North Korea and Seoul is very, very small and they could basically vaporise large parts of the South Korean population even with conventional weapons, so that’s not really very easy to threaten or to deliver.”, and boy is he right.


You see when we had Barak Obama at the helm, he was safe hands…unlike Donald Trump who is volatile and above all racist and bigoted.  With his threats of fire and fury like the world hasn’t seen before,  makes us want to head straight for the bunkers.

You have two nut-jobs at the helm, each playing the I am bigger than you are game.  And all that is doing is putting the world on the point of no return.  As much as people laugh at Boris, he speaks the truth and can see the big game and what would happen should Trump carry out his threat.

Plainly put Military Action is NOT the Option.

We have to get China on-board, you see North Korea relies on China for its trade.. Yes 60% of trade done by North Korea is to China.  So our only hope is sanctions, getting China to agree to imposing more sanctions.

We have to do that as part of the UN not by some cheese puff sitting in the White House.  The world needs a mandate to tackle North Korea and not some lone ranger who can’t even condemn the unacceptable actions of when men waving swastika on the streets of Charlottesville.   A President who blames everyone else, and not white supremacists or neo-Nazi groups.

The Swastika is not  a flag to be proud of.  How can you ever think that exterminating 6 million Jewish people is right?  How can you agree with homosexuals being subject to medical experimentations and horrific barbaric torture?  How can you agree with anything that the Nazi flag held? Murder, extermination, cruelty, concentration camps, gas chambers, homosexuals being used as target practice, twins being medically experimented on, how the hell can you agree with anything the Nazi’s did to mankind?

Men went to war to fight this ideology and thank god they did, because if Hitler had been left to get on with it, he would have eventually ruled us, here in Britain.  Can you image living under Nazi rule?  Homosexuals being tortured, Jewish people gassed, black people incarcerated.  Thank god we did stand up and fight. But standing up and fighting this time is not the option.  We removed Saddam Hussein, and ended up with ISIS.  We got rid of Gadhafi and ended up with extremists,  we went and removed the Taliban and today we are still fighting that war, 16 years later.  Which is longer than America’s involvement in the Vietnam War, which was from  March 8th 1965 when the first troops landed on China Beach in Da Nang, till April 1975.


All wars do is cost money that no country can afford, without cutting back on vital services.  Wars kill civilian people, as well as killing and maiming soldiers fighting these wars.  And to be honest I don’t think this world can fight wars on all fronts, I think we have enough of Islamic Extremists to worry about, due to wars we have been involved in which do nothing but create power vacuums.  And we enough to worry about as to whether home-grown terrorists are going to go on a murderous rampage on our streets.

I do hope Congress rein in Trump before it is too late for everyone.   And we night to fight the North Korea situation as a world power with China helping to bring peace and stability to the region.  Boris is right War is not the answer.  And Trump is just as dangerous as Kim Jong-un, with his threats.  Volatile people and nutjobs come in all shapes and forms, with some becoming President and  Nation’s leader.

China is our only hope.  And we as a world need them onside.


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