Wayne Rooney just doesn’t care..

One iota about his wife and kids.  This isn’t the first time that he has romped with another woman, whether they be a granny or a prostitute, he just doesn’t seem to care how much humiliation he puts his wife through as long as he gets laid (to put it bluntly).

  • 2002: Wayne romps with three prostitutes – including rubber-suited granny ‘Auld Slapper’.
  • September 2010: Wayne cheats with £1,000-a-night prostitute Jennifer Thompson.
  • August 2017 Caught drunk with girl whilst driving her car.


So how many times does Coleen have to be betrayed before she finally says ‘I’ve had enough.’?  This is the third time he has betrayed her, that we the public know about. And let’s be truthful here, if he had never been pulled over by the Police, poor Coleen would never have been the wiser.  Yes he might have only been driving the car and not yet slept with this girl, but he would’ve if he hadn’t been pulled over.  And poor Coleen pregnant with her 4th child would have been none the wiser.

Please don’t try and tell me that Rooney loves his wife; because if he truly loved her he would never betray her, he would never sleep with another woman, he wouldn’t want to betray her trust just in case he left him.  Rooney is an arrogant dickhead in the fact that he thinks because his wife has forgiven him before and taken him back, she’ll forgive him every time.

And what about his poor children, yes he has a son that is 7 and goes to school.  Has he thought about what his son will go through at school?  The humiliation and teasing by other pupils about his father’s antics.

Wayne Rooney might have quit International Football, but he hasn’t quit football altogether and there will be times when he has to go away playing matches.  Are you Coleen going to go with him every time, to make sure he doesn’t have anymore indiscretions?  Are you going to follow him every time he leaves the house?  Are you going to be wondering what he is up to if he is late?

Nobody can tell Coleen Rooney what to do and I agree with Coleen Nolan that knee jerk reaction is not the best especially with your emotions running high.  And nobody wants to tell their kids that daddy is not living with them anymore.  But no woman wants to put her kids through the torment of reading what their father is doing in the press, especially when it turns out he is betraying their mother.

Demonising the woman, Laura Simpson this time, and putting all the blame on her isn’t right.  Yes she should have kept away from Rooney knowing he was married, but Rooney is just as much to blame for every indiscretion he has made.  Because he knew he had a wife at home.


My advice to Coleen Rooney, is this, a leopard never changes its spots.  If you are prepared to have a life of wondering who he is humping now, stay Coleen.  But if you don’t want that life, then kick him out, take care of your children.. and let him hump to his heart’s content.  You will survive, you will be able to raise your children.  There are plenty of women out there who’ve been through this, who’ve had their partners cheat on them.  They have survived.  They have raised their kids alone.  And they no longer have the heartache or worry about what their cheating partners are doing or what disease they are catching.

Nobody wants to give up on their marriage.. but there comes a point when you have to say ‘No More’.  For the sake of your own sanity.  In one respect you are lucky in the fact that you won’t have to struggle to bring up your children financially, should you leave him.  Which is one worry less.  But you have to think of yourself now Coleen. And the future of your children.

If you stay, then you have to be prepared for his antics to continue… and then you will have to face the anguish of your children finding out about their father in the press.  You have to do what is right for you and your kids… nobody can make that decision for you and nobody should tell you to go or stay.  It is down to you Coleen… but if I stood in your shoes, he would have my toe up his ass and be out of your home before his next betrayal.

You are hurt, you are humiliated, you are facing heartache, but if he really did love you as he says,  he just wouldn’t put you through this…  That is a truth.



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  1. CleaverFit says:

    I genuinely respect the fact that you put yourself out there, on the line, speaking from the heart.

    It’s a trait very few ever seem to master so I applaud you for that and hope you inspire other women to do the same with your blog.

    I believe in this day and age we have lost the ability to constructively talk about differing opinions and rationales.

    I have also written a post on Wayne Rooney’s current situation from clinical experience with professional athletes as a Soft Tissue Specialist (where a great deal of what I have to overcome with them is psychological)

    The post is very different from your outlook and in it I explain that I’m not saying I’m right, I might even be wrong, I’m just trying to offer a more clinical outlook than most would be able to find from the usual media machine. (Tv, papers etc)

    I believe both our posts need to have been written as we will both be right in some instances, both be wrong in others.

    The most important part is we are showing that we should speak what we feel in our hearts.

    After posting yesterday, and seeing yours today, I thank you as it offers me descriptive information from your mind as to why you feel the way you do, teaching me a little more about the situation.

    Hopefully you take something from mine.

    Regardless, all the best, and good luck with the blog


    1. Bren says:

      Thank you for your comment and I have just read your post… We both have opinions on the subject and what I take and applaud you for from your comment is your sincerity and reasoning about being able to discuss things like adults…

      I agree with you nobody could handle the life and what is expected of Rooney on a professional note… but loyalty and trust is what bonds a couple. Whether they be man and women or of the same sex. It is that breaking of trust that hurts. And yes you can forgive an indiscretion but when you are subject to multiple indiscretions you have to question the loyalty and love of your partner.

      There are many people in the public limelight that have rock-solid marriages, where they wouldn’t even dream of cheating. It is that cheating that some people find unforgiveable.

      I suspect there are two sides to the coin and I don’t think for one minute Coleen is pure white… but she has shown the respect for her husband by not putting herself into situations, as far as we know, where she destroys the very foundations that a true relationship stands on… loyalty and trust.

      And I agree with you, it is none of our business, what these people do in their private lives.. and yes I suppose the media has write stories about something… and the downfalls of footballers and celebs are hot gossip.

      But Rooney is a role model… he became that when he became a professional footballer. He has aspired to heights that only a young child can dream off.. and young children and men, adore him… they want to be him… and unfortunately there comes an attitude of ‘ If Rooney can do it.. so can I’. And they to will think it is perfectly OK to wander and expect those close around them to forgive and forget.

      All the best with your blog.. I enjoyed reading your post.


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