Great British Bake Off

Has turned into the Great British Turn Off for me… The ads during this TV programme are definitely making it a no-no for me.  Now I could take Prue Leith’s advice and watch it on catch-up to eliminate the ads.  But, by the time I got around to doing that I would know through social media, who was eliminated and who was star baker.

And it isn’t just the ads.. there is no chemistry between Paul and Prue.. And I love Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding on QI.. but Noel is doing a very bad impression of Sue.  And no way will he ever fill her shoes.  The humour has gone.  And of course there is no Mary having her favourite tipple.

What with the adverts, no Mary, Sue and Mel…. the programme for me has lost its edge.


Paul Hollywood is just as annoying as he was, but now he seems even more in your face and to be honest where Mary, Sue and Mel kept him in check, Sandi, Prue and Noel seem too scared to upset him. In fact it is obvious that there is no love lost between Prue and Paul,

It is saying something when I miss Candice’s pout and not forgetting the social media meltdown when Selasi was voted off.  Gone are the days when Paul couldn’t open his mouth without a wise crack from Sue or Mel.  Mary trying to stop herself from bursting into fits of laughter and enjoying a glass or two.

And do not get me onto the contestants, especially when you have a baker on there that is a dab hand at cake making.


Yes I know the programme is about people who can bake.. and even though Steven who is not officially a professional chef and works in marketing.. it is hard to even imagine that Steven will be voted off.  Being star baker twice in a row, it is going to take some truly magical work from the other contestants to knock Steve off of his perch.

Two weeks in and I think I already know who will win.

The chemistry has gone, the adverts are annoying, the show seems a fix, Paul Hollywood is just as arrogant and obnoxious and what with missing Mary, Sue and Mel, the Great British Bake Off for me, has turned into the Great British Turn Off.  The only thing that remains the same is the tent.


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