59 Dead and 527 Injured… One Massacre too many

This happens to be America’s worst mass killing massacre in history… 59 dead and 527 injured.  Our hearts and souls go out to those injured and to the family and friends who have lost loved ones.  But please don’t tell me that the 2nd Amendment can’t be changed.

Can you imagine the carnage …. the death and destruction that was uncalled for and an act of pure evil.  BUT.  It is with a heavy heart that I feel that things won’t change.  America will still not come down hard on gun ownership.  People will still be able to go out and stockpile weapons. And somewhere in some place another victim of gun crime is going to leave a family to mourn the loss of their loved one.

Please do not tell me that you need semi-automatic weapons for hunting! Please don’t tell me you need 42 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo at your home!  Please don’t tell me that you can walk into a hotel room.. and slay people and not one security device or person realises that a person with semi-automatic (although they sound like they are automatic rifles to me) needs to have a munitions arsenal in their hotel room.

ap17275498021240But, then I read in an article in the Daily Mirror written by FleetStreetFox that in Nevada there is no state law on assault weapons and there is no restriction on the size of their magazines.  And that Nevada state will tell you how many of it residents carry a concealed weapon but refuses to tell us how many guns that they can carry openly.

And this makes me sad as well as mad… to think that every time you walk up and down The Strip the person next to you might be carrying a gun or the person in the hotel room above you might just be pointing an semi-automatic rifle at you.

Slowly one by one victims are being named.


Innocent people enjoying a night out with friends and family only to have their lives cut short.

We don’t know the reasons behind this attack, we don’t know what drove a white-man to kill and injure so many.

We don’t know if his motives were political or whether he had a mental illness.  But if it was the latter why the hell was he ever allowed to have a gun?  He shouldn’t have been allowed a water pistol yet a bloody rifle.

Barack Obama tried his hardest to bring in Gun Control after Sandy Hook.. but failed… and with the NRA backing Trump there is not a  hope in hell chance of anything changing.  Hell could go in to an ice-age before Trump would come out and demand changes.  So who does it leave to fight the corner of gun-control… YOU.

The 2nd Amendment sucks.. Your President won’t call for changes.. simply because he is backed by the NRA.  If you want a stop to gun crime you need gun control and to have gun control you have to be prepared to change the 2nd Amendment.  You need to give up your right to bear arms… and until somebody stands up and tells the NRA to go forth and multiply… nothing will change.

Even if every person in that crowd had a gun.. still many lives would have been lost.. because that shooter hid in a hotel room high above revellers and gunned down innocent people in a hail of bullets.  They didn’t stand a chance.

And when you have Republicans like Jeff Duncan pushing for the right to have silencers, then you really do have a bigger problem facing you.  Because it was the sound of the bullets that warned people to take cover… can you imagine the carnage if a silencer had been used.  Police Forces don’t want this bill.. nobody should want this bill… but the way things are going I can see it being passed.

John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety says, “NRA leadership and their friends in Congress have gone behind closed doors to try to prop up lagging gun sales by making it easy for anyone to buy a silencer without a background check.  This sham bill is a giveaway to the gun lobby, which cannot be allowed to use Congress to put profits ahead of public safety.”

If you want to see the end of gun crime… then stand up and be counted.  Don’t vote for politicians or senators or mayors who are affiliated to the NRA.  Don’t vote for a President that is endorsed by the NRA.  Your vote can change things… your vote is what counts in shaping the future of your country.  Please America.. too many lives have been lost to gun crime.   Change the 2nd Amendment … because that is all what it is … an amendment… and an amendment can be change.

We can go on forever and a day giving tea and sympathy to victims.. we can shout and holler every time the next mad-man wants to be the one who killed the most people in a massacre.  Believe me it will happen… there will be some nut-job out there planning and waiting for the right time to be the most notorious mass killer in history.  And the vicious circle will continue… until you decide that the right to bear arms is not the be all and end all of life.  Life is precious and you don’t need to carry guns to protect yourself.. You need laws and proper gun control to protect yourselves.

Soldiers and the police carry guns… because they have to… it is their job and they are given guns to protect not just themselves but you.. the public.  They are given the right to fire in order to save lives.  Every officer is now going to wonder if somewhere someone is pointing a gun at their heads from a hotel room.. or from an apartment building.  All because you America make it so bloody easy to get a firearm.  If it came to giving up the second amendment or the life of my loved one… I know which one I would choose.. do you?



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  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsAbsolutely right, so well written 😪

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    1. Bren says:

      Thank you xx


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