Saying No to Conditioner


Up until a month ago, every time I washed my hair I would condition it.  Sometimes to the point of leaving the conditioner on for a few hours to penetrate into my hair.

Now  I don’t know about you, but this was set in stone from years ago, wash hair, condition it.. especially if you have highlighted hair like mine.

Needless to say, my hair never felt right.. it became lank, wouldn’t hold its style and it seemed to need washing every other day.

Like many of us, I have different shampoos, and I have tried all of them… they seem to do the trick for a couple of washes and then disappoint.  My bathroom cabinet is full of half bottles of shampoo and conditioner… ranging from Elvive to Roots shampoo and conditioner from Supadrug.

And all of them disappoint after a while.

So I would call my hairdresser, say cut it off and I would start growing it again.. and this went on for years … it was like a vicious circle.

Then, by chance, I read a post on Facebook.   (Please don’t ask me to find it I never will 😀 😀 😀and this girl was saying she had given up on conditioner and her hair seemed to feel better.  It was the weight of the conditioner that was dulling her hair and weighing it down.

Of course my sceptical mind was saying rubbish.. however, reluctantly I thought I would try it and see if she was right.  Of course, I was expecting to say that post was a pile of pants… and my hair is in a worse condition than when I started.

Oh boy was she right!  Using too much conditioner was bad for your hair.

71B-epxki+L._SY355_So now I only use two shampoos one, being Pantene Repair and Protect and the other being Tresemme Smooth and Silky Shampoo with Argan oil.

And boy have I noticed the difference.  The fear of my hair turning into straw has gone..  my hair feels better, cleaner and is styled more easily.

Naturally when dried it is a bit more tangled but with my tangle teezer (which I reviewed here) brush they are no problem.  And my tangle teezer removes them without pulling the hair from my scalp. I have found my hair doesn’t need washing every other day.  And they style stays in for longer.

I tend to use the Tresemme Smooth and Silky far more than the Pantene, which I only use every third wash.  But no conditioning whatsoever.  I just couldn’t believe that conditioning your hair too much could cause so many problems.

I am a no-conditioner convert.  I might leave a conditioning mask on my hair every month or so in the future.. (but so far I haven’t used one so far), but it is definitely goodbye to conditioners.  And even with heavily bleached hair, like mine, it hasn’t gone like straw which I feared, by not using conditioner.

Naturally when using straighteners I use a heat protection spray from Tresemme.. and if I am going out I might use a little bit of mousse, on the top to give a bit of volume and  lift, but that is all. No other products when styling.  And if I am going out I use a flexible hairspray.. but I am keeping all my use of hair products to a bare necessity.   So when I wash my hair it is just shampoo and blowbdry.  I have found my hair to be more manageable, and holding its style better and it doesn’t need to be washed as often.

Not forgetting it is hell of a lot cheaper.  This once sceptical mind is now truly on the no-conditioner bandwagon.



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