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Well let us get the basics over with, I am 54 (in 2012), married with a grown up son and living in Kent which is in the United Kingdom.

So much of our lives are taken up with mundane chores that sometimes we live in such a rat-race that we do need to switch off.. We need relaxation in our lives and we definitely need someone to share our lives with.

My husband apart from being the most important person in my life is also my soul-mate, my best friend, my companion and the love of my life… I just couldn’t imagine a day without him.  And my son, irrespective of how old he is, is the one of those people I would die for.  I think only another mother can understand what a mother’s love for her child really means.  It is an unconditional love and a love and bond that is never broken…

To us mums, our offspring are always our little babies and it is hard to accept at times, how grown-up our children really are.  But we never stop loving them and wanting to mother them.  They hurt, we hurt.  They bleed, we bleed.  They cry and our hearts are broken.

But would any of us mums change that… I most definitely wouldn’t.  Being a mum is one of the achievements I am  most proud of… I was blessed with a loving son and a son that will always be ‘mummy’s little solider’ and I don’t care how old he is 😀

Now with my son, grown up with a partner of his own and a family of his own, it is time for me and hubby to do the things we want.  It is time for us to enjoy the pleasures of life without having to worry about a variety of things.

twitter avatarHubby and I decided back in January last year (2012) to take up photography.  We mainly visit various National Trust places, Country Parks and venues around the South East of England and capture their beauty.  If you want to have a quick browse of some of the pictures we have taken you can, by visiting our Ryan Photography Portfolio.

Our other passion in life is, our dogs… from the day we first met we have always had dogs in our lives and both of us could never imagine our lives without a four-legged friend or two.  That was one of the things that attracted us to each other was our love for dogs.

At the moment we have two Golden Retriever pups, with retriever being the operative world.

Someone does need to tell them that they really do not have to retrieve the garden and relocate it to their beds and that they don’t need to retrieve tea-towels or anything that happens to be in their path.

Now I could live with a houseful of dogs… to be perfectly honest sometimes I prefer animals to people, especially people who can’t find empathy and compassion for another person’s plight.

And I am a firm believer of none of us are perfect, each and every one of us in our lifetime can and probably will make mistakes and each and every one of us have our own flaws… The mistakes that we make, may go unnoticed by others or even worse our, mistakes could have a deep impact on someone close to us or even a total stranger who we have never met, especially if it is by the written word placed on the World Wide Web. Each and every one of us can easily judge a person without knowing that person..we can easily misread something and without knowing the full facts facts create a false impression in our minds of what a person is like.  This can lead to many falsehoods and as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover, neither can you judge a person without having to get to know them on a personal level.  And in today’s modern technological era of social media, opinions can be formed on supposition, innuendo and assumption.  Opinions that could be totally wrong and opinions that can lead to a person having to suffer at the hands of falsehoods that are written as fact on many social networking sites.

We can each jump to the wrong conclusions about something, but as I said I am a firm believer in, if you do make a mistake… then apologise.. with honesty and sincerity.  It takes a brave person, to admit they are wrong and apologise for what they have done and to show remorse.

I firmly believe in truth, honesty and the freedom to hold an opinion provided that opinion is based on fact and not myths.. and I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Please feel free to comment… a blog is only as good as the commentators that post on it..

Life is what you make of it… nobody can play the part for you, and you only get out of life what you put into it. Life is not some dress rehearsal, where if you cock things ups you can get them right at the final performance. There are no rehearsals with life… life is a one time opportunity and I am sure as hell not going to let life pass me by.

Anyway that is me…  and I hope you all drop on in and have a chat… Please visit my other blogs.

Have a nice day everyone..


18 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr Oh says:

    Photos and doggies. Lovely.


    1. Bren says:

      Yes, mind you why is it the most brilliant of shots is when you don’t have your camera at hand… especially with puppies.


  2. ellisnelson says:

    So jealous- you have puppies! And Goldens at that.


    1. Bren says:

      Hi ellisnelson, yes they will be 6 months old on the 22nd… at the moment I think there is a competition as to who can get into the most mischief.


  3. I just love your blog and your dogs! You must have your hands full. Do you mind if I pin your pictures on Pinterest?


    1. Bren says:

      Of course you can pin them on Pinterest… So glad you enjoy reading it.. love them to bits but sometimes I just sit down and fall asleep.. I think looking after kids is easier 😀


      1. Thanks! I have to agree!


  4. Tess Ross says:

    Hi Bren, just stopped by to look at your blog. I like what I see! I wrote every day in 2012 and it changed my life! Good luck with your Post A Day.


    1. Bren says:

      Hi Tess, thanks for dropping by.. I have missed a lot of days lately posting.. I know I should slap my wrists for being so naughty… but sometimes real life takes over and you just don’t have the time to post. Anyway thanks for dropping by and I love your blog. xx


      1. Tess Ross says:

        Thanks Bren. Don’t apologise for being in the ‘real world’ – write when you can is the best motto. xx


  5. tamara says:

    I’ve nominated you for a ‘Blog of the Year’ Award- congratulations!
    You can see your nomination at http://mybotanicalgarden.wordpress.com/ and find ouit about the award at http://thethoughtpalette.co.uk/blog-awards-2-/blog-of-the-year-2013-award/


    1. Bren says:

      Many thanks for nominating this blog… 😀


  6. We mothers do understand one another…

    Wow! I loved this you wrote…
    We can each jump to the wrong conclusions about something, but as I said I am a firm believer in, if you do make a mistake… then apologise.. with honest and sincerity. It takes a brave person, to admit they are wrong and apologise for what they have done and to show remorse.

    Those are my words you used 😉
    All the ones who know me have heard me pronounce them so, it’s nice to hear it from a total stranger 🙂


    1. Bren says:

      Thank you for dropping by, none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, but those who don’t apologise for their mistakes and cower away from doing so,in my eyes don’t show remorse, and flaming cowards in my opinion.

      Oh and don’t get me going on people who say something and then twist and turn to get themselves out of the mess they have created 😀

      This online lark amazes me, the people who are hiding behind a pseudonym and posting vile remarks about people are nothing but cowards.

      I am so pleased to hear a stranger write how I feel, again thanks for reading this blog


  7. Nenna Ochoa says:

    I love your blog!!! Truly inspiring… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bren says:

      Thank you xx


  8. It’s true…our children are always our babies, no matter how old they are. When my husband and I would go to visit his parents (and we were both in our 50s), the door to their house would swing open, and his mom would say: “The kids are here!”
    And then I realized, we would never grow old in their eyes.
    They have both passed away now, but I feel the same way about my children. They have grown older but will never really grow old in my heart.


    1. Bren says:

      My mum is the same with me… and my son still to this day walks in when he visits and shouts ‘Mum’… and god forbid if I am not there… 😀 😀 I get the ‘Where have you been?’ line 😀 😀


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