What can I say about me and my sis, well firstly we were born on the 22nd May 2012 and our mum lived in Swanley…  When our new owner came to see us, she couldn’t resist us and even though we thought we would be apart as all our other brothers and sisters had left, we were glad our new mum bought both of us… and me and sis stayed together.

Firstly, we are two Golden Retrievers who are very, very blond… our mum must have named us after their favourite dinner, because you see I am Stewie (what a name to call such a brave boy) and my little sis is Dumpling (well that does suit her, in her own sort of way, she can be a real pain at times, and gets me in a lot of bother)…

Now about this retrieving lark, me and sis have sussed it out.. you see these stupid humans throw a ball and if we stand there looking at them, as if we didn’t have a clue what to do, they eventually go and fetch the ball themselves.. so in fact we having our owner retrieving quite well now.. talk about human training.. they said it was hard but seriously, me and sis found it a doddle.

Sis said to me last night, we must be doing something right and pleasing these humans because our pictures are all over the internet… now what does sis know about the internet?… absolutely nothing.

And why should I be bothered about this world wide web… I can’t chew it can I?


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  1. Uschi says:

    Thanks so much for following my adventures, I really appreciate it! You guys are adorable! ~Sawyer


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