Together we stand, divided we fall


Today I was reading something from a friend’s blog and they wrote this:

How truly tragic it would be to see this once great nation come to potentially absolute destruction because of the current hate mongering, hate filled rhetoric, and divisiveness. It just staggers my imagination and makes me sick to my stomach.

Do you know what… that one paragraph can reflect to both Trump’s Presidency and Brexit.  In my friend’s case it was referring to Trump’s impending Presidency.

Of course I replied to their post highlighting the Britain is going through the exact same thing… I wrote: Continue reading Together we stand, divided we fall

Big Men Don’t Cry… Toughen up lad

Today on Facebook I was in a heated debate about the abuse these footballers have suffered as children over the years… and how it is only now that the true extent of this abuse is being made public.

You only have to listen to David Lean in this interview to see the depths that a paedophile will go to… even to the extent of blaming the victim themselves for the abuse that they have had to endure and threatening to tell a child’s parents that the actual abuser is being abused by their child.

Big tough footballers, so he calls them,  have now been ridiculed by the likes of Eric Bristow for not sorting the person out.. Continue reading Big Men Don’t Cry… Toughen up lad

WPC – Magic | | RyanPhotography

There is nothing more magical to see than a howling wolf under the moonlight.. Lately I have been doing a lot of composite images… and I decided to create two images… from the wolf and moonlight, with various processing techniques.  And I thought they would be ideal for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Magic. For this set of images I used the Oil Paint Filter in Photoshop before doing my final processing in Lightroom.

Source: WPC – Magic | | RyanPhotography

Trump, Brexit – Why?

1000509261001_1813392965001_bio-paul-ryan-random-facts-sfWhy did people vote to leave the EU?  Why did people vote for Donald Trump to be in power?  I think in both cases Paul Ryan hit the nail on the head when he said this yesterday.

It’s an enormous feat in that he heard those voices that were out there that other people weren’t hearing.

It is not that people like Trump or Farage for that matter it is simply because they are fed up with the way their country is going.  They are fed up with immigration…. they are fed up with to put it bluntly Political Correctness.

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Is it cheating to use Photographic Apps? | | RyanPhotography

Yesterday I wrote about photographic manipulation.. and when an image changes from being a photograph of … to digital art and the great debate we had in our household over it. Today I want to explore what do people think about Photographic Apps?… Let us be honest here.. if use shoot in RAW you do need some form of photographic software to enhance your image… simply put if you shoot in jpeg your camera does a certain amount of processing before you even get to see your image.  And to enhance a RAW photograph most people use Lightroom or Photoshop. But.. what about using Apps to enhance your photograph on your phone or tablet?…  Is it cheating? Or is it being creative? A photograph woodland at Shorne Country Park near Gravesend in Kent.   I have seen various comments and posts on the internet where people condemn the use of Apps and to a certain extent over-processing in Photoshop or Lightroom.  Continue Reading

Is it cheating to use Photographic Apps? | | RyanPhotography

The great debate… Photograph or Digital Art? | | RyanPhotography

Oh yes, the great debate of whether an image is a photograph or digital art erupted in our house last night.. Well it started by me reading a blog post by Glen Hannah about the Toolwiz Pic App and me downloading it and trying it on some of our photographs. After I processed a couple of photographs and showed him… he came up with a comment, along the lines… “That is no longer a photograph but digital art.” What!!!!! And after he explained his reasoning… I could not falter his logic, especially with this photograph, after I added a water reflection.. A photograph of Ashenbank Woods in Cobham, Kent, processed using ToolWiz Photo App to add a water reflection.   He said… “Even though the original image was taken with a camera.. you have altered the image by putting in water.. so it now becomes digital art because there are no lakes or water features like you have created in the photograph above, at Ashenbank Woods.” So his logic is simply this… Continue Reading

Source: The great debate… Photograph or Digital Art? | | RyanPhotography

Monday morning… and Instagram | | RyanPhotography

Well it is Monday morning again.. and due to hip problems.. I still haven’t been able to get out and about… so for me this weekend.. was a weekend of sitting in, and playing with Apps on my tablet, Oil Paint Filter in Photoshop, Monochrome Photography and not forgetting Textures in Topaz Texture Effects 2. I am now using my tablet more and more, due to it being able to run Photoshop Mix.. but for the Oil paint effect photographs.. I did resort to Photoshop for the Oil Paint Filter. My two oil paint photographs, were of a lioness taken at Whipsnade Zoo and daffodils which were just about to bloom at Ightham Mote.   Continue Reading

Source: Monday morning… and Instagram | | RyanPhotography