Destruction Derby

Screenshot_1And we are pleased to meet you

Well most people have a bucket list… things they wish to do before they die.. well we don’t have one of those, instead we have a destruction list… and we will regularly update it to include the latest things that have been chewed, ripped and gnawed… since we arrived at our new abode…

  1. Kickboard
  2. Plinth lights
  3. Underpants
  4. Washing machine filter door x 2
  5. Timer knobs on cooker
  6. Tumble dryer door seal
  7. Various tea towels, cloths
  8. 2 pairs of oven gloves
  9. Back door and frame(gradually chewing through it, day by day)
  10. Lawn – now a mudbath
  11. Garden Pots
  12. Solar Lights
  13. Expandable trellis
  14. Various plants and bushes, namely 2 hydrangeas, 1 rose, and a buddleia 
  15. Duvet (was going to be our new bedding but we destroyed it before mum could sort it out)
  16. Plaster on kitchen wall, in three places… (well we know that our dad loves DIY and mum hates the artex in the kitchen so we thought we would help remove it for her… she was not impressed)
  17. One Vileda mop bucket
  18. Two fish pond nets
  19. One silver mystic wind spinner that cost mum a fortune

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