On someone’s shoulders this must rest..

Troy_davisLast night twitter was a buzz with tweets over the execution of Troy Davis.  I was watching the live stream from Democracynow.org.

As the execution hour came and went, a loud cheer erupted in the crowd outside the prison.  People were jubilant that the Supreme Court had stepped in.  First the cheers that a Stay had been ordered turned to disappointment that it was only a reprieve until they decided if they should listen to the clemency appeals made on Troy’s behalf by his lawyers.

There was one tweet that sent a shiver down my spine, when they said they think that Troy Davis is still in the execution chamber whilst waiting to learn his fate. Continue reading On someone’s shoulders this must rest..


Two Typical Rioters

WThe Spectator 180th Anniversary Partye have all sat there, dismayed, aghast, speechless and shocked at what has transpired on our streets.  We all witnessed the fires, the burning of buildings, people now becoming homeless because of the mindless actions of people who wanted to go with the flow and break the law.

Innocent people have lost their lives, Police Officers have been injured.  Animals trained to do a job became targets for mindless people who threw things at a dumb animal.

We have seen our Government tackle this problem head-on.  No way are they going to stand for this kind of behaviour on our streets.  Good for them, none of us want to witness what we have witnessed over the last week. Continue reading Two Typical Rioters

The dark side of the internet

Ofacebook1h yes there is one unfortunately. The powers of the internet are wonderful, no longer do we have to trek out in the rain to pay that Gas Bill, we simply log on to our online banking sites and pay.  With a few clicks you have saved yourself a good soaking and the bus fare.

When a new born baby enters the world, family that live far and wide no longer have to wait for those pictures to be developed, put in an envelope and posted.  They don’t have to sit waiting for the mail man to arrive in hope those photos are in his post bag. Continue reading The dark side of the internet

Does the system need a overhaul?

dowler-familyMost definitely in opinion.

After reading this week how the family of Milly Dowler were treated in Court, it just shows that defendants have more rights than their victims.

Apart from having to live through the painful experience of listening to how their daughter died the parents also had to listen to the slurs to Milly’s personality and character along with having their own personal sex-life spilled out in Court for everyone to hear and report. Continue reading Does the system need a overhaul?


EMadeleine bookvery book should have a beginning, a middle and an end.. sometimes the end is tragic and sometimes the end is a dream come true.  Only in the book Madeleine written by Kate McCann there is no end.. the beginning the middle and the end are the same.. Madeleine, the first born daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann is still missing.

How a parent copes day to day without knowing what has happened to their child, is something only they can answer.. I can’t begin to imagine the pain, the frustration, the hurt that ensues you daily and the longing and the yearning for your child to be found alive and reunited with the family who miss and love her so much. Continue reading Madeleine