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A monochrome photograph of Narcissus flowers taken at Hall Place in Kent On a cold foggy morning like it is today… I long for spring.  We are only days into winter and it is cold, dank, miserable, grey.. and I am fed up with it already.  The clocks turned back and it seems to have sent the nice weather into never-never land.. never to be seen again. I can handle the cold frosty mornings.. as long as the sun is shining.. but fog and this dismal weather, well to be perfectly honest, is totally depressing. I long for spring.  Did I mention that?😀😀😀 When the spring buds start to burst out of the ground.. and the hyacinths start to bud. A photograph of a hyacinth taken at Hall Place in Kent During our spring visit to Hall Place back in 2013, in the greenhouse was this beautiful bottle-brush plant..  I did have one of these plants in my garden… until two retrievers decided to retrieve it from the earth. A photograph of a bottle brush plant taken at Hall Place in Kent Did I

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Tangoed | | RyanPhotography

A photograph of an orange flower at Hall Place… in Kent. When you visit Hall Place in Kent.. within the grounds is a wonderful Greenhouse which is opened to the public… You can see many exotic plants and shrubs… Within that greenhouse was this orange flower.. with its vibrant colour.

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Taken by Bren Ryan For a little while I have thought about setting up a monthly newsletter for this blog… and never got around to doing it.. so last night was the night I started to looking into how to send a newsletter.  I have opted to use Mail Chimp as my newsletter provider.. and to send our newsletter out … on the 1st of each month. Should you wish to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, there are three ways of doing so… By clicking on Newsletter at the top of each page or By filling in the form in the sidebar of each blog post or By going to this link or By signing up on our Facebook Page Some say Newsletter are old school… but for me, I find them handy and it allows me to never miss a post. I do hope you like our Newsletter and I hope you subscribe to our Newsletter.. Happy reading..

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Waltz of the angels

Such a beautiful voice… and real tearjerker for a song..

And so is this one…

It is just not the same..

Without You

Now on Thursday night I was rather distracted what with the bomb scare at North Greenwich Tube Station and knowing that is the Tube Station my nearest and dearest uses daily; that I totally missed JT’s final sign off on Sky News.  Continue reading It is just not the same..

On the lake at Lullingstone | | RyanPhotography

A photograph of the lake at Lullingstone Castle near Eynsford in Kent There is nothing like sitting by a lake on a warm Sunday morning.. just watching the wildlife; with only the noise of the rippling water and the birds singing merrily in the tress.  To me, sitting there in peace is my idea of heaven… The above photograph was processing in Topaz Adjust, Lightroom, and Topaz Texture Effects 2. Have a good Sunday everyone xx

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Identity Cards

What’s the problem?

Sorry for the life of me I can’t see what the problem is in carrying a national identity card. Do I have one of these?


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