Together we stand, divided we fall


Today I was reading something from a friend’s blog and they wrote this:

How truly tragic it would be to see this once great nation come to potentially absolute destruction because of the current hate mongering, hate filled rhetoric, and divisiveness. It just staggers my imagination and makes me sick to my stomach.

Do you know what… that one paragraph can reflect to both Trump’s Presidency and Brexit.  In my friend’s case it was referring to Trump’s impending Presidency.

Of course I replied to their post highlighting the Britain is going through the exact same thing… I wrote: Continue reading Together we stand, divided we fall


Finally some dignity

copmsos-1-626x352At last the repatriation of those who have lost their lives due to the downing of Flight MH17 by a missile attack on the plane that was supposed to be safe in the skies above Ukraine.

We have all seen the news on our televisions, mobiles, computers and tablets.  We have witnessed the carnage and we’ve been appalled by those first images of victims bodies being shown on social media, as they lay tangled with the wreckage of this flight.

We have seen the speculation, the assumption and the innuendo of who, what and why this happened.  Along with a crime scene being trampled upon by any body who felt like it.  First hand we saw how those murdered, because that is what it is, have been hauled about with no respect shown to them whatsoever… and how the victims were laid on trains sitting in a station for days… and not forgetting the first hand reports of how the separatists fired guns to warn people away from the crash site.

Then came the reports of possible looting… pictures on the Daily Mail showed one rebel with a ring that must have come from a passenger.

Another picture that makes grim reading is the one that depicts a rebel going through the luggage bag of a passenger on that doomed fateful flight… Whether any untoward happened we will never know.  But what I do know is this… proper air crash investigators SHOULD have been given immediate access… so that they can determine exactly what happened to Flight MH17.  The victims of flight MH17 should have been given dignity and respect the moment that flight was doomed. Instead of body bags being used… coffins should have been immediately sent to the area.

The media sunk to new lows as they posted pictures of the crash site, which showed bodies that were strewn across the wreckage.  The pictures we saw on our screens were horrific… and it makes me wonder what the families must have felt witnessing those grotesque images.

Today the bodies of those who have been found amongst the wreckage are finally being repatriated with dignity and respect.  Over the coming days, funerals will be held and the families and friends of all those passengers and crew will still be coming to terms with what has happened.  People are now on that roller coaster of learning and dealing with the grief of what has happened.

And Britain, I suspect will still continue to provide arms to Russia… as reported in the papers today.  What a pile of hypocrisy coming from Number 10… after David Cameron wanted the French to stop building two warships for Russia…  Arms deals that are worth £132 million to Britain, still haven’t had their licences revoked.

Whilst the world mourns the loss of passengers and crew of flight MH17, the British Government is showing their true hypocrisy.


Pissed off Britain…

ujack1It is hardly surprising that there is discontent within Britain.. especially when we are being told the economy is doing better and we are on the road to recovery, yet our incomes are nowhere near as high as they should be and our standard of living is well below what it was prior to the recession.

Whilst families struggle to make ends meet and have to rely on food banks in order to feed their families and people, whether they are old or young having to decide whether to heat their home or eat, it is hardly surprising that the people of Britain are getting, to put it politely, pissed off.  I know I am. Continue reading Pissed off Britain…

Fight for Britain…

I just can’t believe what I have read today.

Unfrigginbelievable, is all I can say.   Talk about throwing dirty water in people’s faces, well this story tops the lot.

I thought our Government had hit new lows these past few years with rob the poor to pay the rich, but how they treat ex-servicemen is beyond belief.  Surely this  can’t be allowed.  There again, look how we treated the Gurkhas. If it had not been for Joanna Lumley, then they would have lost their battle. Continue reading Fight for Britain…