It is just not the same..

Without You End of an era as @JTSkyNews signs off for the last time from the @skynews studios – fear not, he's back for the US elections!! — Paul Harrison (@SkyNewsEditor) October 20, 2016 Now on Thursday night I was rather distracted what with the bomb scare at North Greenwich Tube Station and knowing…

Titanic Theme Park

Is it just me or does anyone else think this is a bit sick… and I don’t mean in the good sense either. According to Su Shaojun, chief executive of the Seven Star Energy Investment Group, as reported in the Daily Record.. wants to create a theme park where:

Rant and a half coming your way..

Peter-friggin-Mac. Yes you who is supposed to be an ex-copper. If anything you are a bloody disgrace to the Police profession. Friday night at around 10.30pm, tragedy struck when a helicopter crashed onto a pub roof.  People looked on in horror at what was being shown on their TV’s.  Me included.

Hacking, shagging and god knows what else..

Well there is nothing like being caught with your pants down is there? And today at the Hacking trial it emerged that good old Coulson was having an affair with Rebekah Brooks..

Northern Lights from a different view

We are all used to seeing the Northern Lights on video whilst standing on the earth and looking up. But this is the view from the International Space Station. Absolutely amazing footage captureed of the Aurora Borealis which was recorded by the crews of expeditions 28 and 29 using a special low-light 4K-camera 240 miles…

Hope… and the ramifications

O n the 6th May 2013, one brave lady, managed to escape from a house she was being held captive in.. a neighbour saw her, helped with her escape and raised the alarm that saved the lives of not just her but two other kidnap victims and this escapees daughter.  Her name Amanda Berry. She…

Heading for New York

Well what more can you say?  Except thank god somebody didn’t fill their tank up with gas before they were carjacked. According to CNN, who quote the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg, that the surviving Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has told investigators their plans.

Was it worth it????

The last figure quoted for the costs of the Leveson-Inquiry-costs-July-2011-to-June-2012.. and I doubt if this is the final figure.  When all the costs are added together I suspect they will total closer to the £5 million mark. Yesterday David Cameron gave this speech to the House of Commons:

Hi Viz.. anyone

I have just been reading the story, on Sky News, about the school where a little boy was made to wear a Hi-Viz vest because of his behaviour.  By all accounts, his father has now removed him from the school on the grounds that his son was being humiliated. During the interview (clip below) the…

History in the making

Can you all remember back in July 1969 going to bed very early and being woken up by your parents in the middle of the night to see the Moon Landing?  I can… even though I had just turned 11 it was something that all the kids wanted to watch… man walking on the moon….

On someone’s shoulders this must rest..

Last night twitter was a buzz with tweets over the execution of Troy Davis.  I was watching the live stream from As the execution hour came and went, a loud cheer erupted in the crowd outside the prison.  People were jubilant that the Supreme Court had stepped in.  First the cheers that a Stay…