It is just not the same..

Without You

Now on Thursday night I was rather distracted what with the bomb scare at North Greenwich Tube Station and knowing that is the Tube Station my nearest and dearest uses daily; that I totally missed JT’s final sign off on Sky News.  Continue reading It is just not the same..


Titanic Theme Park

Titanic theme parkIs it just me or does anyone else think this is a bit sick… and I don’t mean in the good sense either.

According to Su Shaojun, chief executive of the Seven Star Energy Investment Group, as reported in the Daily Record.. wants to create a theme park where: Continue reading Titanic Theme Park

Rant and a half coming your way..

PGlasgow helicopter crasheter-friggin-Mac. Yes you who is supposed to be an ex-copper. If anything you are a bloody disgrace to the Police profession.

Friday night at around 10.30pm, tragedy struck when a helicopter crashed onto a pub roof.  People looked on in horror at what was being shown on their TV’s.  Me included. Continue reading Rant and a half coming your way..

Hacking, shagging and god knows what else..


Well there is nothing like being caught with your pants down is there? And today at the Hacking trial it emerged that good old Coulson was having an affair with Rebekah Brooks.. Continue reading Hacking, shagging and god knows what else..

Northern Lights from a different view

We are all used to seeing the Northern Lights on video whilst standing on the earth and looking up.

But this is the view from the International Space Station.

Absolutely amazing footage captureed of the Aurora Borealis which was recorded by the crews of expeditions 28 and 29 using a special low-light 4K-camera 240 miles above Earth.

Hope… and the ramifications

Amanda Berry

n the 6th May 2013, one brave lady, managed to escape from a house she was being held captive in.. a neighbour saw her, helped with her escape and raised the alarm that saved the lives of not just her but two other kidnap victims and this escapees daughter.  Her name Amanda Berry.

She through sheer determination and a gut instinct for survival, saved all those lives that day.. and she is a heroine for being brave enough to escape. Continue reading Hope… and the ramifications

Daily Mail hack boasts about being able to ‘trace’ personal phone numbers of Twitter users

And this is one of the reasons why we need press reform.. If this is true and this person isn’t just bluffing.. then something really needs to be done about this kind of behaviour.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – I’m sorry to say)

There have been rumours for some time now that some people – police, journalists, hackers – are able to trace personal phone numbers and home addresses of Twitter users if the user was accessing Twitter from a mobile phone.

I’m not sure of the legality or not of the alleged methods used – but needless to say it bypasses the expensive and time-consuming proper method of getting a legal notice to force Twitter to reveal information about its users.

I was therefore very interested when it was brought to my attention that a journalist who regularly writes for the Mail and the Express was openly boasting on Twitter that she had used her ‘contacts’ to ‘trace’ the personal numbers and home addresses of people she claimed had been trolling her*.

Now given the disgraceful recent history of journalists hacking personal phones – many…

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