The greatest show on earth…

Well was it?  Yes the official figures are out at it appears that nearly 27 million UK viewers at one point tuned into watching the Opening Ceremony.

Well what did you think?

As it started at first I thought it was going to be better than it was.  Yes we all love the English countryside and there is nothing like a cute little lamb to melt our hearts, but I thought first of all it was mediocre. Continue reading The greatest show on earth…


Oh Lord….

Help me to keep my big mouth shut until I know what I am talking about…

Yes, that is a brilliant campaign slogan for Mitt Romney… Especially after his fiasco questioning us Brits on the Olympics.

One thing us Brits are good at is hosting a party or an event.  When it comes to showtime, we can bring the most ordinary event the best.  We might only be a little Island surrounded by water but we have the guts and determination to make an ordinary event… spectacular.  And yes we are ready for the Olympics.  So may I suggest you get your aides to purchase the sign above for you, because you have upset a hell of a load of Brits Continue reading Oh Lord….

Now where did I put that flag..

Oh yes, the Olympic Games which has already started ahead of the Opening ceremony and it was thrown in to turmoil tonight.  After Great Britain won their game against New Zealand earlier today, someone must have let the win go to their head.

Because another fiasco hits the Olympic games.  Who would Adam and Eve it (believe it), how can someone make such a drastic mistake?  Surely they have each been taught which flag goes to which nation, wouldn’t they? Continue reading Now where did I put that flag..

Streakers, grabbers..

The Olympic Torch has seen it all as it travels the width and breadth of the United Kingdom.  I went to see the torch relay in Rochester as it made its travels through the Medway Towns.

And believe it, or not, it went through the Medway Towns without incident… which did surprise me.

I thought if anyone was going to do something, I thought it would have happened in Strood or Rochester. Continue reading Streakers, grabbers..

I made it…

Surprise, surprise, as Cilla would say.  I managed to get out of the bed at an unearthly hour (well unearthly to me) and get ready to go down into Town to watch the Olympic Torch Relay as it came to Medway.

Hubby had told me, the night before, you want to be down there early, in order to park, so I set the alarm for 6.15 a.m.  My god I only every thought there was one 6.15 in a day and that was in the evening. Continue reading I made it…

False economy..

We have all done it, we have all bought the cheap version of washing up liquid only to find that you have to squirt half a bottle into a bowl of  warm water before you get a single bubble to form.

And yes, we have all said, “Well that hasn’t worked out any cheaper.”

If  onlywe had stuck with the bottle with the well-known liquid that has the catchphrase of,  Now hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face,” in the long term we would have saved ourselves some money.  That is false economy for you… rips you off every time. Continue reading False economy..

Less than 48 Hrs

And counting, yes that is how long before that Olympic Torch hits our home town.

Now no offence to those guys doing the organising but hey 8.44 am start.  Have you never tried to drive in the Medway Towns during the early hours, especially when the kids are at school?

Well I can tell you straight, you ain’t going nowhere.

So more congestion, but I suppose this time, I had better be a bit patriotic and consider getting up, (at an ungodly hour) and marching myself off to watch the torch relay.. Continue reading Less than 48 Hrs