Gunpowder, treason and plot….

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot….

Now I don’t want to be a spoil-sport but FFS do we have to hear fireworks every night of the bloody week leading up to firework night and beyond?  Every night since Diwali, someone around where I live has had fireworks going off.  And it really does upset the animals.

Apart for the loud bangs, I have two dogs who decided to bark at every bang and get all uptight and don’t want to venture outside to do their business.

No-one wants to stop peoples enjoyment, or get fireworks banned, but some thought from those people who are persistently letting fireworks off at any given hour, would be greatly appreciated.

I can remember when I was a child…. fireworks were let off only on the 5th November…. and if there was a firework display then it was organised for the weekend and you went to that… you didn’t have fireworks going every bloody night and well into the night.

Fireworks are beautiful to watch… especially the displays they have at the stroke of midnight to celebrate the coming of the New Year… and of course for our American friends…. Independence Day, but come on… half of these fireworks being let off are by bloody kids walking around the streets.

Yes, there are tighter controls, here in the UK, on who can purchase fireworks… but they don’t seem to be working, do they? For one night of the year you can pacify and animal, but when fireworks go off every night… they soon get frightened and it takes a lot of encouragement for them to venture back out in the dark.  A little consideration please, wouldn’t go amiss.

Tonight is Bonfire Night, and I expect there to be loud bangs and fireworks going off… but that is it… when tonight draws to a close… no more fireworks, please.

RSPCA Guide to Dealing with Animals during Firework Season (Download PDF)



Just pamper yourself the doggie way…

Pamper yourself
Brings back memories of the old tin bath 😀

Some more doggie capers…

Hope you enjoy…

Tell them ball Silence is golden


Rest time ( baby lamb and Husky) – YouTube

rest time ( baby lamb and Husky) – YouTube.


Funny Dogs …. Number 4

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Throw it Got a spot run a marathon sofa sleep the cat slipped

Amusing doggies.. Held to ransom

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Doggy Fun – What a messy boy…

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making a mess