Feeling neglected….

neglected blogNow this poor little blog of mine must be feeling all neglected by now where I haven’t posted in what seems like years… I have been so busy working on our Photography sites and processing photos that I have neglected this blog.

So this morning, I woke up did the mundane chores and said ‘Hey blog, how ya doin?’  Well the reply isn’t something you can print…

So what has been happening… well not a lot really.  Life is the same old, same old thing.  The dogs are still running around like headless chickens and causing mayhem, and the weather is improving but up until recently it had been, to put it bluntly, absolute shit.  Damp, rain, cold and miserable, and the only sunshine has been on week days and the weather has been a total washout at weekends.

But one thing I can say with certainty… I am fed up with the General Election.  There I was sitting down, watching a film, cup of coffee and then ‘ding dong’ goes the doorbell.  Yes you guessed it some wannabe canvassing for votes for their political candidate.

Honestly the end of this video is how I am feeling about the general election… totally fed up and pissed off with it.  The amount of letters I have received from David ‘Dishface’ Cameron is no man’s business.  The twat has never written to me in all my life.. yet when he wants something from me, he makes out he is my new best friend.  Well twat, I’ve news for you…. YOU ARE NOT!

Then there is the others, well I haven’t seen sight or sound of a Liberal Democrat in my area.. and as for Labour well, the burning question is ‘Do you trust Ed or not?’  Personally again … NO I DON’T.  And then there is UKIP, our local MP who is now UKIP, has done a lot for our area.. and yes for what he does and achieves, I would like to vote for him, on his past performance, but you get UKIP.  And Farage is nothing to write home about, is he?  Better when you had the better looking chap… Kilroy Silk at least he was pleasing on the eye.

They all promise to do this and that.. and then stab you in the back…. and yes I do want an EU Referendum, it was our fathers and grandfathers that signed us up for the Common Market to trade, what they didn’t sign us up for was for Brussels to dictate who we can have in our country, which laws we can and can’t have and all this human right’s crap that allows prisoners the vote, an immigrant to stay because of his cat and whole-life sentences are wrong and illegal.  And not forgetting, the ruling about the shape of our banana’s.

And if people think if we leave the EU, they won’t trade with us… wrong again… they will.  What the EU doesn’t want to lose is our money and the bail-outs we hand out.

So you see… you couldn’t make a decent one up if you could magically mix all the contenders up and come out with a RoboMP.   Mind you for a giggle, I would vote for Boris… at least he has you chuckling at his buffoon speeches and antics.  Yes let us all vote BORIS… With a Prime Ministerial salary he might be able to afford an on-call hair stylist.  Well if they tame his blond locks, he wouldn’t be Boris then..

Yes let us all vote for the Mickey Mouse party… at least we might have a laugh along the way… But truthfully, joking apart, whoever gets in… will blame the other guy with they renege on everything they have said in their manifesto.

Anyway I hope life is treating every one OK and see blog I haven’t forgotten about you… so stop complaining about being NEGLECTED… You are NOT.

Boris for MP

Boris JohnsonAnd yes the great debate has started in the media and on social networks as to whether Boris will be our next Prime Minister.😀

But you have to love him… he is a character and half, a bungling one at that… but all the same a character who you just can’t stop yourself laughing at.

I think far better than David ‘Dishface’ Cameron who mimics people who call him ‘Dishface’ etc., etc..

And not forgetting Iain ‘sick people are a drain on the welfare budget, best if they could manage to curl up and die than claim benefits or I could live on £53 a week’ Duncan Smith Dopey Sod.

But I did have to laugh at this tweet by David Cameron.

Bet Cameron won’t be saying that when he is one who gets subbed on that playing field😀


David ‘Dishface’ Cameron – I always thought….

David CameronHe, you know who, old Dishface Cameron was a slimy bastard but today definitely confirmed it for me.  Today, across our lands, the commemoration services for those who lost their lives in First World War, have taken place.

With services held in the city of London, Folkestone, Glasgow and Belgium, to name but a few… we all took a moment out to think of those who laid down their lives so that we, could have our freedom.  The freedom that me and you take for granted every day.  If it had not been for those who were prepared to fight to save our freedoms, god knows what lives each of us would have lead, under an occupation.

Today, was a day of sombre mood, thinking of those who died, and it was definitely not a day for politics.  Whether you are UKIP, Tory, Labour or the Monster Raving Looney Party, we each showed our respects to the fallen and the injured of the Great War.

But as for Dishface Friggin Cameron… he played politics.

You see the people of Scotland, and the first minister of Northern Island laid a wreath along with the Deputy Prime Minister and the people of Wales


Wreath-Split-2But when it came to Cameron and Miliband, spot the difference…

PM and Miliband

David Cameron must have made sure he signed his personally, but the others were handed their wreaths just moments before laying them.

Of course there was outcry at Miliband for the way the wreath was signed… but people jumped on the bandwagon of attacking Miliband without realising that every other wreath laid by Scotland and the Northern Island Minister was written in the same pen and with the same handwriting.

Today was not about Politics and each of those who laid a wreath should have been given the opportunity to write their own personal messages of remembrance.  But only Dishface did… talk about being a slimy bastard… and if this wasn’t a political smearing stunt and stamping your ‘I’m the PM’ feet, I don’t know what is.  His message should have read From the Prime Minister… like all the others… or he should have made sure that personal cards were attached to other wreaths…. slimy git.

UK Passport Office….

passport documentsAnother fiasco for this Government. Unbelievable isn’t it?  Allowing security checks to be relaxed.  For the life of me, maybe the Government didn’t know about this document relaxing security checks, but they sure as hell must have known about the chaos within the Passport Offices, where the departments couldn’t cope with the influx of passport applications.

You couldn’t make up this fiasco if you tried could you? Continue reading UK Passport Office….

Ofsted, Gove, May and a whole lot of other w**kers…

gove and mayNow I don’t care if those at Westminster rip each other to shreds… I don’t care who wants to be leader of the Tory Party as long as someone ousts Dishface Cameron, the patronising, slimy git.

But what I do care about is this country of mine… and if schools are failing because Ofsted arrive announced then it has to change.  Yes Gove has said it will… but the question is has the damage already been done? Continue reading Ofsted, Gove, May and a whole lot of other w**kers…

Sharia Law – The type of thing the suffragettes fought against.

Emmeline_Pankhurst2Suffragettes were the brave women that tirelessly fought for us women of today to be allowed to vote.  Chaining themselves to fences, even resorting to breaking the law, they through their sheer determination got us the vote.  Emmeline Pankhurst being the woman we most associate with the Suffragettes.

On the 4th of June, 2014, one hundred and one years ago, Emily Davison was killed by the Kings Horse at the Epsom Derby… many proclaim it was an accident, others say she died for the cause.  Whatever it may be… her believes were that women should get the vote. Continue reading Sharia Law – The type of thing the suffragettes fought against.

What a friggin nutter…

Kim Jong-unYes I am talking about Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea.  And yet the world stands by and allows him to go to such inhumane extremes with regards to his own people.

It was only in December that this barbaric leader ordered the execution of his uncle and others… their crime… wanting a better North Korea and because Jong-un thought they were plotting things behind his back. Continue reading What a friggin nutter…

From Ukraine, through to a missing plane and Sharia Law.

Well let me apologise for not blogging for a while.. but I have had things to do in real life.. plus the fact… my body has been aching again with this flaming PMR.  But today, I want to vent my anger and give my opinions on the major global events that have been in our papers and on the news lately. Continue reading From Ukraine, through to a missing plane and Sharia Law.

School fees, school fines.. whatever next

closedforsummer_colorAnd we have another nanny state decision made by this Government… FFS when are these people going to realise that the average Joe Soap in the street doesn’t have an endless pit of money, or their wife is not an heiress and they have not just had a £11,000+ pay rise.

Today a family have been taken to court because they took their children on holiday… yes their crime was to take their children to Rhodes for a week at the end of September 2013. Continue reading School fees, school fines.. whatever next

Anjem Choudary Brick Lane protest warns Muslim shop owners over alcohol sale | UK | News | Daily Express

See on Scoop.itOn My Front Porch

DOZENS of Muslim protesters walked with one of Britain’s most controversial hate preachers to demand restaurants and shops in one of London’s most popular areas stop selling alcohol.

Bren‘s insight:

If this story is true.. then it is appalling that this march was even allowed to go ahead..  If I walked up and down my street and said people living in odd number houses would be flogged if they did this or that.. I would be arrested for threatening behaviour..  wouldn’t I?   This is not about being anti-muslim or anything.. this is about the law being broken.. with threats to harm people.. which the last time I looked was illegal in this country..

I would not be allowed to act like this.. and neither should any other religion..
And it seems to me. if this story is true,  as if the Police are pandering to groups like this if they don’t stop such rallies taking place, especially if they think police intervention would cause unrest.

See on www.express.co.uk

Self centred or what?

Dishface does it again? My god how the hell can we keep sending him abroad to represent us..

Today was the memorial service for Nelson Mandela.. dignitaries from around the world gathered to pay respects to Nelson Mandela… Obituaries, speeches, respect and words were spoken about Nelson Mandela.. Continue reading Self centred or what?

Osborne – Caption time…

Today ITV ran a story about the Number 11 Christmas Party for Children

One of the pictures that did capture my warped sense of humour was the picture of George holding the cracker..  Continue reading Osborne – Caption time…