What’s love go to do with it…

wedding ring

Oh dear… seems our Prince Harry is getting ahead of himself and not thinking straight.  Yes according to the Telegraph our Harry is in love…. he has been bitten by the bug and sailing high on the love boat, both of which have got him talking to his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, about marriage and children.

However.. what should be a joyous occasion, now appears to be probable case of cold feet along with, “Holy Shit.. get me out of here”, if you read between the lines. Continue reading What’s love go to do with it…


Just give them….

ACuddlesvery big hug the next time you see your child or children.. Tell them no matter what they do, you might not approve and you might tell them off but reinforce in them that you will never stop loving them.

A mother’s love for her child is unconditional and the instinct to protect doesn’t lessen as they grow older, in truth, it intensifies.   Sometimes being a mum is hard work.. there are times when you want to say something but know you can’t. Continue reading Just give them….

We don’t need another Diana..

Nobody can forget waking up on the morning of the 31st August 1997 to the news that Princess Diana had died in a car crash.

It was just unbelievable, the whole world was shocked rigid at the news that was breaking on our TV screens. Apart fromt  the death of Diana news was also reach using about the death of Henri Paul, the car driver and Dodi Fyed, who Diana had been having a relationship with and had previously that evening been dining with at the Ritz hotel. Continue reading We don’t need another Diana..

Didn’t I say this?

It was just over a week, one day to be precise, that I said it was a bloody stupid idea to release information that Prince Harry was serving in Afghanistan.  When I wrote this post, gut instinct told me that other troops were going to be put further at risk because of his presence.

I agree he is a serving solider and therefore should do his stint in Afghanistan but FFS use some common-sense, don’t announce when he is there.. Continue reading Didn’t I say this?

Prince Harry in Afghanistan

As much as I applaud Prince Harry for going back to Afghanistan I am questioning the media about reporting this and more so the Ministry of Defence for releasing/confirming the info to the press.

I don’t know what possessed them to release this information but in my opinion it is not a good thing but rather bad thing, personally I am edging towards it was bloody stupid to allow this to go to press.  The troubles in Afghanistan are no better today than they were the last time Prince Harry was on active duty.  In fact, to be honest, I think the troubles are worse, because lately we have been hearing about more attacks on servicemen in their own barracks by insurgents who have infiltrated the Afghan Police and Forces.  Insurgents that have been trained by US and insurgents that know HOW we act in a conflict. Continue reading Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Who’s a cheeky boy then?

It seems Prince Harry knocked back the old vino and could now be in for a right royal reprimand.  Her Majesty is not going to be amused at his latest escapade.

Yes Prince Harry went to Las Vegas and stripped down and got caught on camera.

What a silly boy?

Mind you I don’t think he will be the first or the last person to get caught in a wild spectacular romp in Vegas or anywhere else for that matter. Continue reading Who’s a cheeky boy then?