Peaches, The Sun, The Daily Wail… and being a stick-pin

Peaches - gangsterPeaches Geldof is once again the victim, in my opinion, of The Sun, and the Daily Mail’s ‘don’t give shite as long as it sells papers’ standard of journalism that we see so frequently in newspaper headlines today.

This girl had a tragic life, her parents were in a bitter divorce when she was seven and when she reached eleven her mother died of a drugs overdose.   Continue reading Peaches, The Sun, The Daily Wail… and being a stick-pin

RIP Peaches…

peaches geldofRest in Peace Peaches.  Yesterday the tragic news broke that Peaches Geldof, the daughter of the late Paula Yates and Bob Geldof died at her home in Wrotham.  The police have said it was a sudden unexplained death. Continue reading RIP Peaches…

The viewer suffers…

YLogoes the poor old viewer suffers every time.  There we are given a new series to watch.. and hey presto we become engrossed and they leave the series on a cliffhanger… and the poor viewer is counting the days down until they find out what happened.. in the next series. Continue reading The viewer suffers…

As much as I can’t stand…

Khopkinsatie ‘flaming‘ Hopkins, there comes a point where I have to say I don’t agree with the threats that are being made against her.

According to the Daily Star people are wishing this woman dead… and much worse.. if comments can get any worse. Continue reading As much as I can’t stand…

Peaches Geldof labels Katie Hopkins a ‘Rent-a-gob’ as they battle it out on This Morning

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SHE’S already managed to wind up both Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield during her regular appearances on This Morning, but it looks as though even the famous mums are getting fed up of Katie Hopkins and her outspoken opinion.

Bren‘s insight:

Having read Katie Hopkins timeline and how she persecutes the family of a missing child.. I think Peaches Geldof summed it up correctly when she labelled Hopkins a rent-a-gob for the Sun.

Now I don’t buy newspapers online.. and I definitely wouldn’t even consider paying a penny for a red top that has Hopkins in it as a columist.

How that Hopkins woman thinks she is the bees knees I don’t know.. but her exploits with another woman’s husband make her as my nan would say … all fur coat and no knickers type of broad.

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Continue reading Peaches Geldof labels Katie Hopkins a ‘Rent-a-gob’ as they battle it out on This Morning

When shoes made the news…

Nvictoria - flat shoesow I know papers have to fill their pages with news.. and fashion is a topic that many women like.

But seriously.. Victoria Beckham in flat shoes is hardly newsworthy is it?  Yes the showbiz news in the Express, is running a story that Victoria took to wearing flat shoes when she was seen on a day out with, Harper, her sister and nieces. Continue reading When shoes made the news…

TV series and their new tricks/stars

250px-New_Tricks_Series_8Iwas just reading a Daily Mirror article where it states that Tamzin Outhwaite will be replacing Amanda Redman in the new series of New Tricks..  My lord I didn’t even know that Amanda Redman had quit the show… now where have I been?

And if you think Amanda Redman leaving, is bad news.. well here is the shocker.. Alun Armstrong has also quit. Continue reading TV series and their new tricks/stars

Leisurely stroll

Courtesy of Daily Mail ©Splash

I have just had a quick gander of the Daily Mail and there they have pictures of Anne Hathaway walking her dog through the streets of the big apple.. and  doesn’t she look good.

And the dog looks good as well..

The doggie looks so obedient, so controllable and a pleasure to walk with.

Stewie and Dumpling

Cor I wish I could walk the streets looking as glamorous as that, with a dog that knows that it is forbidden to drag people around the streets.

Yes our little treasures think it highly amusing to pull their poppa through the lounge, out into the kitchen and out the back door as quick as they can..  not saying they drag him that much but 9 times out of 10 he is more horizontal than vertical.

So at dog walking time, it isn’t a case of the word ‘Walkies’ being said, it is more of a case of ‘Coming Through’, which means get out of the way, cos you are bound to be trampled upon😀

We, or more my hubby, has tried, every lead going to deter them from pulling, from semi-choke chains to no-pull body harnesses.  And each one of them has failed miserably.. Stewie he is willing to plod along at times, but Dumpling no way jose, she wants to be in the front and taking control, which Stewie doesn’t want, so it becomes a battle of wits out of who is going to win, Stewie, Dumpling or Poppa.. I would say Poppa comes in third and Dumpling well she is first.

So Anne Hathaway might have a leisurely stroll around the streets, but for us here, it is a quick drag around the streets.😀   Mustn’t complain, cos we love them to bits, just wish they would walk like other dogs, peacful, without dragging.😀

Britain’s Got Talent in the line of fire now.

A few months ago I wrote about the controversy of the new Kingsmill Fruit and Fibre loaf.. and the teenage girl who is desperately trying to evade her father before school as she has her skirt rolled up in a bundle which totally eliminates her waistline.. My god did it bring back school memories, when we used to do that..

Asanda Jezile

Well it seems now that Twitter was up in arms, yet again, about that little girl singing a Rihanna song. according to the Metro newspaper.  Now what they were complaining about was this.. that her choice of song ‘sexualised’ her performance.

Am I missing something here?… Continue reading Britain’s Got Talent in the line of fire now.

Gwyneth dear..

When in a hole, stop digging… because you are digging yourself deeper, the more you say about this dress.  You might convince others that you didn’t realise the dress was see through and you couldn’t wear your undies, but as for me.. no way. Yes well we know the dress was a disaster but please Gwyneth don’t try to bluff your way out of it.  You see according to the Daily Star Gwyneth told the audience of the Ellen DeGeneres show the following:

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That dress…

Yep, Gwyneth Paltrow has hit the headlines again.. with her choice of attire for the Iron Man 3 premiere.  Nobody can deny the woman has a great body, and there a lot of us that wish we could look as good as her, but come on.. that dress is abysmal.

Earlier in the day she was crowned the most beautiful woman in the world 2013, by the People..

Continue reading That dress…

Wild at heart… nomore

wild_at_heart_uk-showNow I don’t know about you, but I used to love watching Wild at Heart on a Sunday evening.  There was nothing better than sitting down, relaxing watching Dancing on Ice and then an episode of Wild at Heart whilst we waited for the results.

Through the various seasons, we have grown the love the characters, and even when Danny’s wife died (played by Amanda Holden) some of us thought she could never be replaced.. but lo and behold along came Dawn Steele who played Alice, his new wife. Continue reading Wild at heart… nomore