Thank god it’s Friday

Tweety-thank-god-its-fridayAnd another week has gone by…  and another week closer to my dream holiday next year… talk about wishing your life away. 😀

I love weekends, first of all I get taken out and treated to lunch on a Sunday and my hubby takes me somewhere nice for the day so that I can get away from these four walls.

What with my not being able to operate the Tassimo on Tuesday and breaking the tumble dryer the day before.. this week has been a case of, waiting for the third thing to happen. I’ve been too frightened to touch anything else, just in case I break it. 😀

So there I was after eventually getting this Costa coffee on Tuesday planning where we would go… little did I know Bertha was coming to stay and sit with her bloody rain clouds all over the South East of England.

Weekend weather

And the day that is sunny is the day we have things planned (fitting in new tumble dryer and shopping) and can’t go too far on our photographic outings… drat, dam, blast.

Bertha you are a pain in the rear… Couldn’t you have descended on us on Monday?

But rain, hail, thunder, heavy showers will not deter me from enjoying this weekend. Well I am saying that now… but I might not be when the cussing and cursing happens when he has to sort out the tumble dryer. 😀

So wherever you are, whatever you are doing… Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget your brolly, waders and rain coat. 😀 😀


I know Nelson Mandela has died, but….

AAllonbyt this precise moment in time the UK is actually drowning. Tonight the sad news emerged that Nelson Mandela has died.. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this sad time… and may he rest in peace.

And whilst BBC News and Sky News cover the death of Nelson Mandela… a storm surge is hitting the East Coast of the UK. Continue reading I know Nelson Mandela has died, but….

Britain braced for ‘Polar plunge’ as cold winter freeze takes hold

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BRITAIN is set to shiver in a ferocious “Polar plunge” with gales and snow crippling parts of the country.

Bren‘s insight:

The first signs of winter if this report is true.. Mind you I read the other day that Durham had 2 inches of snow..

Talk about global warming.. it should be renamed global shivering.. -9º C… not looking forward to that kind of cold weather.. mind you the snow does make everything look pretty.

And I do love walking on fresh snow… and hearing the crisp crunch as you take those first steps into a blanket of freshly laid snow.

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Oh the great British Weather…

IMG_4788-Edit-2 (Medium)

One thing I love doing, is visiting the seaside.. yep just like a child.. I can’t wait to get to the beach. Only this time I am not playing in the sand and throwing pebbles for the dogs to catch.. I am going back down to the coast to capture what I hope is another beautiful sunset, only this time the location is Folkestone. Continue reading Oh the great British Weather…

Ways To Help Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

This is one post that really does need to be re-blogged, it breaks my heart to hear of babies in need of diapers and baby milk.


I received a call tonight from my sister who lives in NYC informing me that the babies in Staten Island are in need of baby formulas and diapers. As a first time mommy, it broke my heart and can’t ever imagine my Zoey not having clean diapers or enough to eat. I’m doing my part (to the best of my ability) to make sure that the babies receive whatever they need through this tough time and am just so grateful that I’m in a position to be able to help.

New York and its neighboring states are suffering from the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy. Please help in any way that you can, whether big or small will be greatly appreciated.

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And here’s a link that gives you 12 ways to help hurricane Sandy relief efforts. I’ve listed some below:

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How can…

Something so beautiful turn into such a deadly thing?

When you look at that rock face, on the left, you can imagine yourself walking beside it in the glorious sun.  Yesterday that beautiful rock face turned into the most deadly thing going, a rock slide, which killed a 22 year old Charlotte Blackman.

Reports were emerging that her father and boyfriend were also partially buried and were pulled from the rubble but Charlotte was trapped underneath the 400 ton slide. Continue reading How can…

Here comes summer…

Well hopefully.

I didn’t want to get my hopes high, after reading this a couple of days ago..

According to Peter Gibbs’ forecast on the 17th July, summer could well be on its way as the jet stream is due to move north to a position where it would normally sit this time of year. Continue reading Here comes summer…